Kepler's telescope lays up planets with final orders

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Updated: November 18, 2018 7:57:09 pm

Kepler NASA's space, Kepler teileacopop is suspended, NASA is disabling Kepler telescope, Kepler's mission mission, exoplanets, NASA spatial knowledge, Kepler browsers, planets such as Earth, date Kepler launched a NASA news It seems that Kepler's "good night" falls on the same day as the # dated 388 years from his name's death, German Geologist Johannes Kepler, found the laws of his planetary motion and was removed 15 November, 1630. (Identity Source: NASA)

NASA Kepler Space Telescope, which detects thousands of plans outside our solar system and has shown that more plans are a star of stars, have been getting the final set of the # 39 ; His orders to communicate with Earth. The "night-night" commands complete a move to & # 39; a spaceboat to retire, which began on October 30 from NASA informed that Kepler had gone out of fuel and did not; He can again behave science, the US space group said in a statement at the end of Friday.

In common, Kepler's "good night" falls on the same day as the 388 anniversary of his nominee, German Geologist Johannes Kepler, to find mobile movement laws and that he died on November 15, 1630. Kepler's spelloplast has greatly influenced our understanding of the number of worlds that overlooks our solar system.


"Through our study, we have discovered that more plans than the stars are in our galaxy. As a host to the spacecraft, we ask some of the closest people to Kepler discusses what Kepler means for them and his discovery of amazing star designs, "said NASA. The spacecraft was moving in an orbit around its & # 39; sunrise, 94 million miles away from Earth.

Launched on 6 March 2009, Kepler's telescope combined with new ways to make a clear measure with the largest digital camera that was covered for spatial ideas at that time. Initially set to consistently 150,000 stand in one star of the star sky in the & # 39; Cygnus communication, Kepler took the first studio survey in our galaxy and became the first goal of NASA's plans to find Earth in the stars of their stars.

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Kepler Satellite Satellite Survey (TESS), launched in April, is the most advanced fan. TESS builds on the Kepler base with new battles of information when plan searching is & # 39; cracking around 200,000 of the best and nearest stars to Earth.

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