Keppel and SPH receive 90 per cent of M1 sections, Business News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – The offer that purchases the largest telco M1 treasco in Singapore has exceeded the main doorstep.

Keppel Corp, together with Holdings Press Singapore, currently maintains 90.15 per cent of M1 shares through a Konnectivity joint venture company, according to Exchange Exchange and & # 39; Submit Wednesday (February 27).

This means that M1 is stored because its & # 39; The population has fallen by less than 10 per cent. A registered company is not on the # 39; main board to meet the requirement that is & # 39; free Exchange Exchange address.

Shareholders who do not want to hold shares in a non-registered company should consider accepting a $ 2.06 Connection bid per section by March 18.

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