Liam Neeson says he is not a generation & # 39; after shooting two black men to attack, News News

Liam Neeson, who was a Hollywood star, on Tuesday (February 5) said he was not a "cin-clan" after admitting that he had attacked black men randomly after a friend he had to get rid of it.

"It's not your credit," said Neeson on ABC news, even though he added that he had been on a # 39; Feeling a "attacking case" 40 years ago after his close friend heard that he was accused by a black man.

"I went out alone to blacklands in the town, looking to be set up," said the 66-year-old reel of Schindler's List, a & # 39; Recalling that he has gone out several times with his spear behavior and hopes that a black man would fight West-

"I'm sorry to say that and I did it for a week I could hope that black ***** would come out of a pub and get out of something, you know … he was dead, "he told Britain's Independent newspaper earlier this week.

"It was awful, awful when I thought back, I did that. And I never did that," he said.

At the end, violence was not made and Neeson added, "I was disturbed and put on me … I was seeking help, I went to a priest."

Neeson made his thoughts as long as he was promoting the new movie, Cold Pursuit, about his father; seeking revenge when his son was killed.

Although the star of Taken – a film that was hit about an old CIA representative who tried to find the girl who was stolen – a & # 39; arguing that he was not genuine, he said he felt that there was a need for a wider debate on community race.

"If she had said that there was an Irish or Scottish or British or Latvian, I would – I know that would be – the same effect. I tried to honor, to & # 39: stand up for my dear friend in the very bad times of this century, "said the Northern Ireland actor.

His ideas gave a ban on a general conviction. Charles Blow, African American American columnist for New York Times, said on Twitter: "Could Will Smith admits he's hunting the streets of Los Angeles for a week to look for white men randomly to kill and get a passport? "

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