Lucy Sù Singapore dies in the children's garden

SINGAPORE: Lucy killed the Zoo syrup Singing Tuesday (February 5) after going into heartbeat while he was in a while; trying to deliver her first calf, Singapore Wildlife Reserves (WRS) said.

Earlier on Tuesday, WRS said in Facebook's role that Lucy was not able to deliver naturally and that "the opportunity to survive the complexity was almost nil".

So veterans and guardians put the decision to settle the sheriff to attract the complexity.

"In warrior, this approach is complex and very dangerous," said WRS, saying they were trying to help Lucy. get back from the kind.

Lucy the Harafha 2

Lucy took the turkey into the touch of friends and died on Tuesday afternoon (February 5). (Photo: Facebook / Singapore Wildlife Reserves)

However, in a further refurbishment shortly after, WRS said Lucy had gone into heartbeat while he was in a while; pull the bite. Despite more than 10 minutes of rehabilitation work, WRS said he did not; Lucy can be saved and died at 7pm on Tuesday.

"It's very hard we'll give the news badly because we lost Lucy, our dear pirate," said WRS.

"Leave in Lucy's peace. You will always be our hearts."

Lucy the Harafha 1

Lucy died on Tuesday (February 5) during birth. (Photo: Facebook / Singapore Wildlife Reserves)

First published in October last year that Lucy was pregnant and expected her calf started at the end of January.

It was confirmed that the 14-year-old deiffe grew fertile after guardians had been able to; Feeling she was pregnant in April.

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WRS extended its added value to Lucy's keepers and the medicine in his Facebook post.

"For its guardians and the physician who has been monitoring the progress she has made in the last few months, and who has been experiencing a # 39 , watching it from the last 48 hours, it was very acidic.

"We would all like WRS to show the respect and support of Lucy's care team for their diligence, love and care for Lucy."

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