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Measured Indian Scientists 1.3-Billion-Volt Storm Tata, the strongest record

A nail (not the one measured in this survey) is visible from the International Space Station across the border of Senegal-Mali.
Photo: NASA / ISS 16 (Wikimedia Commons) t

Scientists in India looked at the high-prolonged volcanic storm ever recorded with the help of a subatomic piece that very often don't hear about it.

The researchers work telescope GRAPES-3, which measures pigs, pieces which are electricity-like but heavier. In particular, the globe-like gamma Ray Astronomy at PeV EnergieS Phase-3 (GRAPES-3) measures the full-height bones of the outer place called cosmetic colors. It normally includes 2.5 million mules per minute, mapped on 13-by-13 channels across the air. But during storms, it gets quick changes in the level of citizens it gets. GRAPES-3 researchers carried out an electric field survey to the test, and designed a mechanism to turn these changes into measurements of passing storm bubbles.

A storm on 1 December 2014 resulted in a dramatic drop in the 2% detection rate for the tests. Depending on the methods published in the Corporate Review Letters, this would be equivalent to the 1.3-meter-voltage electric power. This does not refer to one lightning bolt, but instead the strength of the electricity field causes water molluscs to be cut by striking to the top of the clouds and the ice is laid down. lower down. To make comparisons, most electronic volcanoes between their heads have 100 million electric plugs. The underwater routes have fewer than 1,000 voltages.

This voltage measure is 10 times higher than the storm experienced previously on Earth. Storms with these strengths might be behind some of the other full-power phenomena we have covered, such as terrestrial gamma rays.

It is important to emphasize that modules are not always right, and that you need human opinion. Michael Cherry, physics professor at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, told the Physics science publication that it was indirect but indirect in measuring the electricity fields in storms. T the findings used in the inspection do not apply to all storms. He suggested that balloons or poems be used to carry out measurements to clear their model.

But this mega measure could help explain an important confidentiality. We have said that satellites have measured the measurement of earthly rays or gma rats. These TGFs are thought to be caused by storms, but storms have not been strong enough to allow the test games to be examined as tests of PE. Certainly 1.3 billion would be strong enough.

As long as the module is correct, this is the highest measure ever measured in thundercloud. And if the cloud was going to come out that electricity near you, well, you had died in all sorts of ways.

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