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Singapore MindChamps pre-school activist invades China, where he is in talks; Oversees several pre-schools in the Chinese capital.

"We have been very selective and look at Beijing first, some of the targets we are looking for," said executive chairman of MindChamps, David Chiem, said the company in discussions with "three or four" pre-schools and he would definitely make strong news.

Mr Chiem, who talked to The Straits Times at an education conference – a MindChamps start-up event – in Beijing yesterday, his goal is 5 per cent of the high preschool market in to catch China. He thought there are around 30,000 similar schools in China.

"It's a very important move to launch China … strategically, China is part of our global expansion," he said.

At this time, MindChamps has nearly 100 pre-schools in Singapore, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. Forty of them are in Singapore. The The Straits Times parent company, Singapore Press Holdings, is a MindChamps shareholder.

Mr Chiem said he believed MindChamps was in a strong position, and hopes to raise pre-school standards in China.

"The physical schools are already here, it's our software – this is our research, the curriculum, the teacher training and management system," he said.

The pre-school department is one of the fastest growing in the education industry in China, but it is also the case. under review.

MindChamps arrives in China to go to China. come because Beijing is trying to try the department that is grow rapidly but that is well managed to sea.

There were around 255,000 families in the country last year, with around 46 million children, reported by China Daily that was run in the state in September. In 2012, the number of girls was only 181,000.

Situations of child abuse and non-trained teachers in girls have made press releases in the Chinese state media.

In September, the regulatory legislation will publish that it will be drafting a law to make the section that is; grow rapidly.

Last Thursday, published by the Chinese Cabinet, State Council, also tells that it is banished by private women from a " searching for a public list – a shift against executives who buy schools and then make a list of their companies for profit.

At a conference yesterday, experts discussed topics related to pre-school education.

Chinese educational expert, Xu Hui, former president of the Chinese Education Development Association's Strategy, has seen that the pre-school department in China has grown dramatically over the last five years and looks with many problems, a & # 39; including teachers' lack of professional training and good variations in the quality of teaching among teachers.

Some private girls also added to high tolls, he said, saying that profit should not be a key objective.

"There are educational institutions to benefit the public, including pre-school education centers. This is a principle that must be adhered to," said Mr Xu.

Talk about China's efforts to rule the department, Mr Chiem said MindChamps is a " supporting the most recent efforts of the Chinese government, which showed that the pre-school department was moved, with operators; buy and split schools for profit.

"From our perspective, it is good, those people who are responsible for doing so can not sell their schools for extraordinary prices," said Mr Chiem, saying that MindChamps is in China for a long time, and not to; buying and trading schools for profit.

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