MotoGP Espargaro: Awareness for a stronger KTM podium than the winning world title

Pol Espargaro says that it is more interesting and happy to protect its & # 39; his first MotoGP podium and Red Bull KTM who won his previous race and the world title with the battle for his first class class.

Espargaro killed the wet conditions to cut the third place to marry MotoGP's wedding. who also works as the first class of KTM, despite its disaster in the opening race before the red banner only starts to re-appoint and secondly repair RC16.

The 2018 initiative is preserved with different emotions from its severe accident in Brno, which ruled out three trips, and opposed to a & # 39; when he returned, to bring his first points from the Japanese tour.

"It's awesome. In the first clan if you're feeling well and throughout the weekend in a wet situation," said Espargaro. "Even in the dry season or when the conditions were 100% I only felt in the wet I was feeling good. I played at the end of the game. a week with some of Yamahas and I was quick and I was always making good numbers within the eightest.

"I was building everything over the weekend and then in the race we are very good at the origins. When I put out the clutch I knew that this was the The best thing I've had on my goal is that I do not have a chance to see so much, to especially on the first loop I did not want to lose time because I knew I had enough speed to be there.

"I was fighting against Marc [Marquez] and I saw it was a tough fight with her & # 39; his gun. I knew that I did not like the same thing as I did; the rest of the people and so I tried to go inside and out but Mark was braking so hard and the Honda was very good accelerated and so no b & # 39; I can.

"For some reason I was so fast in the department two and when you were so fast there I was in that place and there was an amazing, tall, and the bicycle lost. It was wild and I do not know I know how I did it because I could not see it on the straights and I had a problem with my neck and I could not control the apples without feeling. Then the banner was red as a messenger.

"I told myself that this is my chance, so I have to give it.

After being able to use new wet tires on the KTM that was repaired for the 14-lap sprint reinstatement, Espargaro was turned through the order to a fourth and with Valentino Rossi cast- from the second he gave his First podium since Japan 2013 Moto2 Grand Prix hit.

"In the second race I had new tires and I might have to continue with the middle media because I was struggling with brakes and then in the first race I was okay, "he said. "To finish the third place after all that I went through this year, it is incredible. With my team, my wife and all my team, it's just informal. "

Reflection on her & # 39; podium to complete a problem, as well as being part of a historic day for KTM to make a victory in Valencia by Miguel Oliveria in Moto2 and Can Oncu – the ever-ever Grand Prix winner in history – in Moto3, he explained how the third place gave him more for a taste compared to the successes he had won the title from the beginning of his position.

"At Moto2 and 125cc I was on the podium and won it there and as people we are so sorry that we get used to these good things when they are happening, "he said. "When I was a winner in the world, I really enjoyed it and it was amazing but because you've been winning many times it's emotional but it's not It's so big today.

"What we were doing today is so difficult and we've been trying many times with this new bike. It was so unreasonable that it does it more emotional and more exciting than winning the world's tournament although it's just third. It's been amazing. "

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