NASA's latest Test Test of SpaceX Designed Spacecraft for Astronauts

The idea of ​​the artist on the Dragon Team SpaceX Team across the Falcon 9 rocket when it was launched.
Image: SpaceX

NASA's first SpaceX Team Dragon Space Flight Flight Device was first published, NASA was released today. The test identifies an important milestone for the United States, which has not been successful in making it possible. Delivers astronauts independently to place from 2011 when the Shuttle Space program was stopped.

Identify your calendar, folks-the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, anonymous Demo-1, was recorded for 7 January 2019 at 11:57 pm ET. The Falcon 9 rocket will be launched from the NASA Spaniard Kennedy Center in Florida and the capsule carrying the International Speech Station. Its space organization will keep track of the performance of the rocket, crew disturbance, earth system operations, and the method of selection.

"Continuing the test tours, NASA will review performance data and will solve issues as necessary to determine the systems for operational confidence," write the spatial division into distribution. However, "like all human phones development, learning from each test and changing as needed to reduce the risk to the team can set out the headlines, planning day, "said NASA.

If everyone happens well, and NASA will confirm the Crew Dragon capsule that suits people who are in a position. There is a second test, known as Demo-2, – across the June. The Demo-2 test will again use the Falcon 9 rocket again, but this time will be delivered to the ISS by NASA-Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, reporting Spaceflight Now.

Prior to Demo-2, however, NASA expects to remove a waste test, and at that time the system of conduct of poor pipeless crew will engage, Move the cap from the top Falcon 9 shortly after its launch, according to News Space.

But we get a bit ahead of ourselves; the test does not stop and Demo-2 happens only if it is & # 39; The NASA test is a successful Demo-1 test.

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Of course, this is a very important test in the US spatial program. Since 2011, the United States needed to be responsible for other partners to bring their astronauts into space, and that is the Russians and the Soyuz program. The problem of this situation has been realized after the Soyuz box, 11 October 2018, has been the loss of an event that NASA warriors have been able to, for all their minds and reasons, to be subject to scrutiny Ruiseach on the event. And because of the NASA contract to end the Soyuz na Rioja program, This month, I am afraid that the US will not have access to the ISS for around a year.

And, the Drago Dragon would have had any problems or problems, but it would not be disastrous. Boeing is also working on crew caps, the CST-100 Starliner, designed for an uninstalled test in March 2019, according to NASA, and a pilot test in August 2019. For these tests, Boeing will be & Using United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket.

Preliminary overview
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As an important part, some of these test dates could be influenced by the NASA's new research on safety culture in the workplace at SpaceX and Boeing.

Earlier this week, NASA said that he is going to do a "cultural assessment study" of the two companies, "including keeping a drug-free environment," before being permit crew certificates trips. NASA said he was "full of expectation[s] our business partners meet our future work safety requirements when our initiatives are fulfilled. "Although NASA does not allow it to open it openly, the cultural assessment survey is similar to SpaceX CEO. Elon Musk now looks like Joe Rogan's podcastcast in September, when he was (a apparently) to smoke pot whiskey and tidy through the display.

Way to go, Elon.

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