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New group to be established to monitor food safety, security of Singapore shop

SINGAPORE: A new body to monitor food related issues will be established under new laws passed in the Parliament on Tuesday (February 12).

The Singapore Food Group (SFA), which will be established on 1 April and under the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, will consolidate the safety and safety security controller, which is currently divided among three public bodies.

These are the Agri-Food and AVeter (AVA) Agency, the Scottish Environment Agency (NEA) and the Health Sciences Commission (HSA). All three work together to monitor the food supply chain – from exports, local production, sales for sale.

Environment and Water Minister of Zulkifli Mashages, in sending her & # 39; Bill for a second reading in the Parliament, saying that Singapore is not the first one to accept such a "farm-for-fork" module and the Government has examined other countries where one group is responsible for food safety throughout the whole food supply chain.

There is the ability to do so, add it to it, and the re-organization will increase the & # 39; Secure the provision of safe food for Singapore.

Other measures aimed at introducing Singapore food security will be introduced in the future.

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Although the country is well done in terms of food security – an area that is fundamental to the protection of national security – Mr Masagos stressed that Singapore can not provide the current situation.

This is due to major changes in the land for agriculture and food.

The minister explained how the number of the world was set to grow by 30 per cent to 9.7 billion by 2050, and a worldwide demand for food demand was expected to be 60%. Fundamental resources to meet the demand for food enhancement, such as water and energy, are becoming increasingly scarce.

The climate change of these threats will greatly enhance, he says, naming an example near the home.

ntuc fairprice 1

File design of retailers at the NTUC FairPrice supermarket. (Picture: AN-DIUGH)

"Here in ASEAN, one of my contributors shared with me that the impact of climate change has already been a feeling of more frequent and more severe and severe causes and floods. made in the River Mekong Delta, which is Asian as a bowl, "he said. "Rice's representation may have fallen by over 50 per cent."

"This is a real risk, and we can be adversely affected because we have introduced over 90 per cent of our food."

The complexity of growth in global food supply chains also makes Singapore food protection more challenging because it is more complex. Increase the "potentially unsafe points where pollution can go into the food chain".

Due to the fact that food continues with many processes to including different countries before reaching users here, Mr Masagos said that this had been "made more difficult to identify the problems when they come".

"The purpose of food poisoning can be due to poor hygiene in the restaurant or hotel? Can it be due to high levels of pesticides on the raw appliances? into a packing and canning manufacturing process? Do not reduce quality and safety during transport? "

"These challenges will expand. Comparative supply chains will appear as climate change has a" "impact on performance," said Mr Masagos.

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By consolidating existing capacities of NEA, AVA and HSA, the SFA will be able to "respond specifically to food safety events regardless of where this occurs throughout the food supermarket, "said the minister.

He went on to explain if there is a food poisoning event, one team will keep the whole food supply chain over and over. guide investigations – starting from overseas farm credit, to & # 39; introduced, intermediate work with kitchens and middle merchants, and finally on the proper storage and preparation of the retail center.

"This will allow SFA to get a faster response to find a fuel source," he said.

In terms of food security, new measures will require food prevention plans and strategies to reduce foodstuffs to reduce the impact of breakdown of food supply.

A recent mention of Malaya information has restricted some export of seafood, as well as having a " Considering to restrict or to # 39; exporting eggs to Singapore, Mr Masagos said that this is not the last time Singapore has to worry about going to # 39; including food.

"We need, therefore, to continue to improve our food stores in order to include food and do not overly affect one source," said the minister.

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In addition to the management guidelines, the SFA also contributes to businesses to change the local food industry.

This will be done by bringing forward opportunities that are in place. emerging – including new food production and new food production methods – to enhance the growth of food supply and growth in Singapore as a different food center.

"In terms of the uncertainties facing the agri-food landscape, our aim is to allow Singapore to introduce our food challenges to the strategic benefits … to save our food, our food industry, develop our local enterprises, jobs to Singaporeans. Just as we turned our risk into water into your chance, "said Mr Masagos .


Members of the House supported the Bill, with some of them. Describes how the actions change into one group as a step in the right way.

BP, which included Mr Melvin Yong (Tanjong Pagar GRC) and Mr Gan Thiam Poh (Ang Mo Kio GRC) recently introduced a recent food poisoning event and asked how to b & # 39 ; The SFA can strengthen the Singapore food safety system.

In his response, Mr Masagos stated that the creation of a single group could help to consolidate food safety experience here, as the National Center for Food Science will be & # 39; under the SFA.

Creating the SFA also includes activities related to food safety threats, such as & # 39; Provides one public contact point for commenting, contributing to continuity and business activity.

Masagos Zulkifli file photo

File image of Minister of Environment and Water Resources and Minister of Action in the Muslim Casualty of Zulkifli Masagos.


This, according to their minister, will allow the new group to identify and cure critical points over the supply chain, and faster treatment to food safety events.

MP emphasized the food security range, by Mr Saktiandi Supaat (Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC) to ask how the Government is going to; Encouraging industry organizations to seek new and reliable supply resources.

Mr Ong Teng Koon (Christopher Marsiling-Yew Tee) gave an account of the potential effects of the country's egg furniture and sea meals, and asked how the SFA can handle so be better treated not to cause fear.

In that case, Mr Masagos replied that the SFA would ensure food security by a & # 39; Develop and develop three national strategies.

These include the construction of the AVA's work; already in order to introduce different materials, promoting efforts to grow ecosystems of agri-food system here, as well as supporting companies that have grown to & # 39; extends abroad.

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