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New York asserts that an emergency has caused an unpredictable crisis, World News t

NEW YORK – Measles outbreak in Brooklyn, mostly Jewish Jewish children in New York City on Tuesday to announce a public crisis, causing people without harm in its possible areas. The vaccine could be vaccinated or face fines.

The city has now had the largest issue since 1991 as the disease had almost been virtually obscured by the Jewish Jewish community Williamsburg of the area, with t A total of 285 cases were confirmed from October, Mayor Bill de Blasio said at a news conference. This rises rapidly from just two named cases in 2017.

"This is the heart that is pretty, very difficult and must be dealt with immediately," said Blasio. name "error" is distributed by the opponents of the vaccine.

Measles is highly dangerous and can cause serious trouble and death. Although there have been no deaths to date, 21 people have gone to hospital, with five people in intensive care, officers said. All but 39 of the cases are confirmed in children.

The event is part of a wider US revival, with 465 cases reported in 19 states so far this year, in line with the US Centers for the Control of Disease and Prevention.

The USA proved that an outbreak of measles in the country in 2000 was due to a widespread vaccination, which means it is not always followed. However, levels of immunization have been reduced in recent years, according to disease experts. T

Brooklyn was breached to the unintended victim of a trip to Israel, which is also involved in a case, to the New York City Health Department.

Officials from the Department of Health will examine the records of anyone who has been in contact with patients in some parts of Brooklyn, officials said. T

They fail to give up to $ 1,000 US $ (S $ 1,350) to those who have not been given the rubella vaccine and cannot give other evidence about protection, like previous measles. this.

This is the first time that New York City has ordered a compulsory vaccine in history recently, according to health officers.


Community leaders and doctors welcomed the move.

"We will ensure that all permitted people are immunized," said Rabbi David Niederman, the president of the United Nations Organization in Williamsburg, in a telephone interview. "The schools are co-operating, working together with everyone."

He said that he had seen inaccurate information around the community, but that most families trusted in the Department of Health.

"You get articles of phony, phony and studying, so there are some people falling for that," he said. "They will do everything and everything to improve their children's health."

Doctors in the communities affected reported that a booklet against the vaccine against anonymised report on the Orthox Jews which contained false information in recent years, which suspected and misled, was published. in some parents.

"In general, the community community of Orthodox will be immunized," said Professor Joseph Kaplovitz, who works at the NYU Pediatric Pediatric Steps Stones clinic in Brooklyn Borough Park.

Dr Jeffrey Dick of Kindercare Pediatrics in Williamsburg said that he had found use of at least twelve measles in the last few months, but also a rival in families who are vaccinated against the disease. T distributed.

A mandatory immunization order is being continued on one from the Department of Health last week asking for yeshivas & # 39 programs; and attend day care to a Jewish Jewish community of Williamsburg to prevent unrestricted children or to face criticism or closure.

Another event has affected the Jewish Orthodox families in Rockland County in New York. There, officers then banned children from being vaccinated against measles from public sources last month.

That order was issued by a state judge on Friday, and local media coverage. Rockland officers are pulling their order.

Federal officers also conduct outbreaks in the state of New Jersey, California, Michigan and Washington.

The growth of parents who are growing and encouraging is against vaccines that believe, against scientific evidence, that an ingredient in the vaccines can cause autism or other disorder.

Polling Officers also reported on reports of parents who were “parties to measles,” where they deliberately intentionally remove their children from t a disease the child seems to be making that a safe way of creating protection.

“I understand that parents may be afraid to be vaccinated,” said Oxiris Barbot, the town's health commissioner. "I know that getting a vaccine is far safer than getting measles."

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