Neymar Series and Edinson Cavani: PSG, Kylian Mbappe, will present thoughts about football feud | Sport

Neymar and Cavani have a strong relationship and, on Friday night, teams split between two PSG winners in Brazil's friendly benefit with Uruguay.

Cavani won his team team to steal at the Emirates Stadium, which encouraged angry response from jumping when he fell to the ground.

Relationships between the two have been increasingly evolving from the event of the last season where Neymar put, shortly after he had been in a position; registering for a PSG from Barcelona in a £ 200 million shift, which slabs theft from penalties.

Mbappe plays with both players for PSG – which can not always be easy.

And international France has ensured that there is no case between Neymar and Cavani.

"It's not anything, it's a duel," said Mbappe when asked about the incident.

"They protect their nations and they are right, because both have given everything.

"There are duels that you need to go.

"Do not stop them from building and collecting goals together in the PSG."

Cavani himself has been on his shrugged place where he meets Neymar, saying that things are " happening &

"When two South American teams met, it is always a bit intense," he said.

"I think it was a very good game, and finally we complained about their punishment.

"But this is something that is happening, it's always great to have big teams like Brazil and play against major campaigns such as Neymar or other players who have a & # 39; make up this Brazilian team.

"There are no friendly games in football, sometimes there may be intense and warm environment.

"But after a game, once the game has passed, it's just peace and quiet outside the field."

Both Neymar and Cavani are expected to appear when PSG against Toulouse next Saturday (4pm).

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