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Park Bo Gum demonstrates his thoughts on his conception and his goals for 2019

In an interview with Sports Today, released on 1 February, Park Bo Gum spoke more about the recently completed "Encounter," in which he worked with Song Hye Kyo.

The actor said one of the reasons why he chose the drama due to his true love for his character. "Jin Hyuk is a character that is enthusiastic, hopeful and interesting. Even though he's a little bit, he knows how he will be amazed at what he has, and I'm sorry. ; I really enjoyed the confidence he received from that medicine. "He also said that Kim Jin Hyuk knows how he loves and will be responsible for those around and It is hoped that spectators will remember their kindness. character for a long time.

Park Bo Gum is a close friend of Soong Joong Ki, and before he put on "Encounter", many of them brought romance between himself and his wife's wife. In response, Park Bo Gum said firmly, "It's not a" romance "romance between me and my friend's wife, but romance between Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun. We were all acting on our characters, and so I focused on my representation on my character. "

The actor had no star rating, saying that the first thing was why Song Hye Kyo was called the "# 39; queen melodrama. "One of the reasons why everyone, Song Hye Kyo, praises when she makes a bad look, she says everything with When I saw their eyes, I realized what they were talking about. It was very similar to Captain Cha Soo Hyun, and because of that, I was able to fall more deep in position as Kim Jin Hyuk. "

Park Bo is not afraid that he is happy to & # 39; going down, he said. "It's not always clear, and I'm not scared that I enjoy it because it is unavoidable. I'm just grateful and amazing to everyone who supports me and gives me love without a contract, although I have not done anything for them. I want to do it always and work hard to bring it back. "

His goal for this year will be on the screen again. "I would like it if there were more days where I could see spectators through acting projects. I want to show something new to everyone, so I also want to try to make a piece of sex. But, apart from anything, I want to be part of the projects that viewers can do to connect. And I'd like to be the ones that belong to I can also connect, "said Park Bo Gum.

"Encounter" is about the story of the girlfriend Cha Soo Hyun, the daughter of a politician who has never had the chance to live in her own terms, and Kim Jin Hyuk, a volunteer who enjoys everyday life.

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