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PM Lee to meet PM Mahather in April for the 9 th Retreat

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will meet with Malaysian supporter Mahair Mohamad in Putrajaya for the Retreat & Retreat; Leaders' retreat next month.

The annual retreat was due to take place in November, but was canceled.

“Malaysia has recommended that the 9 bethere Leaders-Malaysia Leaders' re-draw takes place between Apr 8 and Apr 9, 2019 in Putrajaya, ”said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesman in an email to Channel NewsAsia.

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"Singapore has agreed to Malaysia's proposal," said the speaker.

The Leaders' Retreat is the first in the government of Pakatan Harapan, which came to power in May.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Malaysia announced Abdullah also dates of its escape in parliament on Tuesday Tuesday in response to Shelayang MP William Leong, who had asked about the current status of Malaysia's relationship with Singapore as a result of the disputes. 39 he has departed from recent and maritime.

Mr Sodden added that Chief Executive Retreat is an "important way" to strengthen bilateral cooperation and find common solutions for both countries.

He also described exchanges which showed the closeness of his relations, including his trip to Singapore in January as well as other ministerial visits such as those by the Minister for Economic Affairs Mohamed Azmin Ali and Minister for Economic Affairs. Anthony Loke visited.

“The government is always looking for and exploring new ways of working together to strengthen the bilateral relations of Malaysia and Singapore,” said Mr Saifuddin.

“At the same time, priority will be given to getting peaceful solutions through conversation and negotiation.

“Continuing diplomatic efforts demonstrate the commitment of the two governments in maintaining good connections and understanding to resolve bilateral issues for mutual interests,” he said.

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