Police are investigating an injured person in hospital with a weight of 30 pounds

Police are investigating an injured person in hospital with a weight of 30 poundsWKBN through CNN

A survey carried out by disabled people aged 23 years of age who surveyed the hospital with 30lb was launched.

When KFOR asked what had caused the family to be taken to hospital, the man's grandmother replied, “Because he was traveling. ”

Police said Juanita Wooten's granddaughter was brought into the OO Children's Hospital for “poor nutrition and flu-like symptoms.” T

The police said the patient was 23 years old and fighting for his life, with a weight of only 30 pounds.

His grandmother tells KFOR that her grandson is about 5ft tall.

She said she watched him every day while her mother worked.

It is thought that the brain disease that affects muscles is in the face.

Because of this disease, the police say he cannot care for or nurture himself.

The police are reporting doctors were worried the body would be heavy.

His mother told the police that her son was not getting a special dietary diet and that he had been away from the doctor in four years. "

Lab tests say the sodium levels of the patient were quite high, indicating that it did not have enough water "and that there was a stream on its body which is characterized by a lack of movement."

“I didn't harm it, or I recognized it,” said Juanita Wooten. “We have none of our part but they are like that.”

Police searched the house and took 155 photographs inside and outside their home.

It is not clear when the 23-year-old will be discharged from hospital.

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