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Prince William wants to stop mental health stigma

When Prince William started his mental health initiative three years ago, nobody wanted to give a hand. Each identity denied its consent to be connected to the # 39; case of mental illness.

But the old pilot did not give an air air, and the election of the Heads Together initiative was launched with his wife, The Duchess of Cambridge, and his brother, The Prince of Harry, in 2017.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, William spoke to audiences full of his difficulties in raising public awareness of mental health. He was a panel member with Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, discussing the state of mental health services across the world.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke about the social stigma that was often linked to mental illnesses, and he believes that it is caused by the best way to make members of the war generation.

As a result of trying to & # 39; Speaking openly about "horrible" events, they finally gave an impressive idea that many of their children had, William explained.

"The time of war was very, very difficult for everyone," he said. "Certainly what level you would speak, you never went to the situation."

"The whole generation decided that this is the best way to deal with it. Then they passed over the next generation. So, a whole generation [the idea] This is the way in which you deal with your problems: you do not talk about it. "

However, a new generation begins to start; Seeing the problem is different.

William said many of them have finally understood "this is not normal" and "we should talk about it".

The Heads Together initiative was set up to address the social stigma related to mental health.

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