Raiding threats stop your confidence in Europe

UHI Chief Executive, Donald Trump, is again repeating storm problems affecting the economic confidence of Europe, according to the President of the European Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi.

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Commenting directly on “the threat of tariffs from President Trump to the Europeans,” Dragh said that one of the reasons why the growth of the euro area could be reduced was a threat of protection.

“We must see first everything everything happens because you can see in the past between words and actions very often.

The ECB president said that a common weakness elsewhere in the world could be partially introduced as a “threat to other protective measures.” T

Draghi offered an in-depth view of the euro's economic economic opportunities in recognition of incoming data, "although it had jeopardized the failure, there was a decline in the chance of declining."

The euro dropped by 0.2% against dollars to sit at a low session of $ 1.1238 at about 2:30 p.m. London Time.

Although government bills results reduced at a bearish level, stock markets came together as investors said that a cheap bank policy would be held firmly.

The volume in supply Stoxx Europe 600 increases as Dragh was speaking.

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