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Rifle training has been opened to troops not fighting the new curriculum, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – The national full-time service (NSFs) that go on to non-career positions gets a sense of the rifles used by the Singapore troops through using a symbol fire.

SCFs rated PES E, who usually take jobs as support assistants or supply assistants, find out the SAR21 tool by using the Marksmanship Trainer separately in a fashionable interior fence.

PES E soldiers, along with their colleagues PES C, have been training at the Army Training Corps (BMTC) Five since he opened in Kranji Camp in October last year, and the Prime Minister. of the Defense for Heng Chee. March 18).

PES C is defined as the most suitable soldier for service support calls and some additional support roles, and PES E means that they can only support service service and service calls. PES is a summary of Physical Employment Standards.

Under the new curriculum, PES E and PES C soldiers will also provide a display for weapons and concert parades, just like the monster in their face.

This change was implemented as a result of the creation of a Five BMTC School, with the new curriculum aiming to provide staff with special shared periods.

PES C and E staff spend nine weeks at an BMT, including a basic four-week military degree and then a specialist degree in a five-week post.

Previously, PES C troops had been subjected to basic troops in four weeks, with PES E receiving a two-week induction program, which then had vocational training and then the active service of units.

"Mission and purpose of the school is to convert five staff into confident, capable and motivated soldiers," said the school's senior official BMTC Five, Former Colonel (LTC) Sim Kian Hwa.

He also said the other program was Fitness Fitness Service-Fit, a self-regulatory physical training program that allows soldiers to train at their own pace. It is normal for them to “train in a safe and progressive manner”, said LTC Sim.

When asked how the new school will deal with training safety, LTC Sim said: "We have introduced experienced and enthusiastic commanders from BMTC in Tekong and other training centers so that we can make the most of it. were appropriately looked after and investigated (soldiers) during training.

“The leaders we are currently working with are well prepared by SAF advice centers to better manage their troops.”

Mr Heng told the media during his visit that “it is very important that we have effective, safe training, but also that we will ensure a highly effective and attractive experience of our work with national men. T we ”.

He also confirmed that safety in training is to be ahead in the overall curriculum design, saying that the soldiers of the soldiers spoke it “confident and reassurance”.

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