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Samsung is blinking back to a renewable phone, Technology desire

Wed, 20 February, 2019 – 10:23 AM

[SAN FRANCISCO] Samsung is expected to have displayed new smartphones, including one with a screen; It could be closed as a book as it wants to increase its permanent market.

Much of what is being held in the Galaxy Unpacked event is that the South American user-friendly consumer technology in San Francisco is shown in a reduction, Galaxy Galaxy 10 includes falling 10 commercial.

New Galaxy models will mark the anniversary decade of the line, and Samsung has a shows wireless ears of wire.

However, the foreword is likely to be taken by an audio-visualized handheld that allows them to be downloaded from the tableboard to a mobile phone form.

The innovation would come to an air-conditioned telephony all over the world when the tools come completely and customers will be able to access them. Deletion is restored from a model that they are.

"The business is flat to decline and we have just reached a smartphone point," said Moor Insights's main analyst and Patrick Moorhead's Strategy.

"Samsung needs to do so, without a difference from Apple, which can cause people to make a phone excuse to be very good for something different."

The case for a phone can be & # 39; opening to make a larger screen easier – customers have made an option for "more estate" to watch videos, play games, work and more.

Samsung was deceived when it introduced large screen-screen phones, just ending the "phablet" movements that followed the campaigns.

"I expect trading to be there," said Mr Moorhead on Samsung's mobile phone.

"You can not get newer and pass on technology, and it is not deeper."

As well as being a little clunky, a mobile phone could come up to a maximum price of $ 1,500 or so, but it does not mean Samsung does not. sell truckloads from the handles but to establish a new division to kill a demand in a hard market, according to the auditor.

"Samsung is always better when they have something Apple is not valuable for users," said Mr Moorhead.

"Samsung is the chance to bring some of the largest share of the Apple market."


Apple has shown that there are any features to continue folding screens for iPhones. A company based in Cupertino has emphasized its efforts to sell content of digital content and services to the company. his weapons attacks.

"I believe Apple will have a passable screen at any time, but it will try to complete the information," said Mr Moorhead.

Google has made it clear that it is working to move the free Android mobile operating system into the Samsung folding screen, such as video, apps, and more to do as it does; required when displays vary sizes.

The encouragement for Samsung and Google is to go beyond what is shown at Unpacked.

Although Samsung is the world's largest telephone maker, its company will have a & # 39; do a lot of money to sell parts such as screen and teams to other companies with electronic lightning users.

By displaying folding screenshots in smartphones Samsung would be a leading natural supplier of such shows.

Android software is the most widely used mobile phone operating system, which encourages Google to attract curved phone wave.

Samsung is launching three US stores to encourage the Galaxy line of smartphones.

The move will trigger Samsung's attempts to "#; Competition on Apple's home turf, which has hundreds of sales centers in the US and around the world.

Samsung was a manufacturer of one-digit handset with a 20.8 per cent share in 2018 despite an eight per cent reduction in employment for the year, according to the IDC research company – Last year, he showed the worst decline in the shows for the smartphone department.

However, monitors do not see their & # 39; sun, any timetime situation that is sparkling on a mobile phone, is seen as a tool that needs many people around the world.

"There are mobile phones here to stay," he said, saying Gartner's analyst is Werner Goertz, which suggests that users could be able to " Waiting for radical innovation in hand-held sites.

"Hidden telephones would have a very realistic feature," he said.

GlobalData's research director, Avi Greengart, believes that paste phones are a big move this year.

He was among the critics that the challenge would come to smart phones on behalf of Software, not with the displays, as applications must be designed to suit them. ; ranging from telephone to scroll tablet.


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