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SCHILLER includes Holter medilogAR for the search for AF

By launching a medilogAR, SCHILLER is discharging the latest generation of long-term ECG tools.

Work with him, laugh with him, and stay with him: medilogAR will have a & # 39; Getting together with a patient up to 14 days without the need for the doctor to change the batteries, because they have a & # 39; his database. Credit: SCHILLER AG, Romana Schiller

Sign longer, smaller edit: these are the main benefits of medilogAR. With a record period of up to 14 days and atrial / atrial flutter fibrillation is found in zero seconds, this is the requirement for consumers aware and costly.

Hard proofing, fish and protection as well as easy to clean – this makes it a fast-paced and fully suited device for comprehensive clinics.

Two weeks of power

Thanks to the double battery concept, the patients can be shown for more than 14 days without seeing the doctor changing the batteries. Battery within a historic relationship can be repaired through USB and running for more than 7 days. With the usual AAA battery added, the running time can be doubled, with an AF detective detection.

Made to stop jobs

Medilogar scans for atrial / atrial flutter fibrillation by & # 39; Looking straight for P waves, just like a charter. This is one of the most important aspects of this Holter solution.

The MedilogAR Holter recorder shows a level level of ECG sample level at a high level of 32,000 Hz on 3 channels. This is used for P-wave analysis, artistic artistic reduction and movement search, which enables fast appraisal. The study is done using the famous medilog® DARWIN2 Software.

Exciting episodes

Thanks to the registration of ECG-related registration, the medilogAR can make a screen for funny events that may occur during sleep. The optional SpO2 sensor, connected to Bluetooth, allowing additional reasonable information.



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