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Shonen Jump anime heroes will hit large crowds at Shinjuku Station, and # 39; creating spotlight

Stars The Force Leap they have big meat with them all Tokyo Metro, left some healthy problems behind.

This year, players can invade some of the most famous figures in Japanese manga. The Force Leapspread Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on 15 February, bringing together a number of famous Weekly Shonen Jump campaigners so they can do it, largely in a series of Super Smash Brothers brothers. But who will build? Dragon BallAnd a man with meat meat, They are Goku? Nimble ninja Naruto, from the same name chick? Not long longing Luffy, from one piece?

In fact, this is not the only warrior The Force LeapTimetable, but these three mercies are some of the most beloved in the line. The marketing team chose an amazing way to find some of the goods that you can see in the & # 39; show this game: a photo opportunity called "The Heroic Leg Wall". We sent our own reporter, Ahiru Neko, to the Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station to explore what was needed.

▼ When you walk on the hall, you can not lose these three bigger crows.

The three components that decline to & # 39; making pictures of the things that really look like, the three biggest breaks in the Shonen Jump catalog to allow them to release some of their most powerful attacks. Let's let a little nearer.

▼ First: Goku's Kamehameha from the world Dragon Ball licensing

Jeeze, show how deep it is! The faults make a hard circular ring, covered with the blue color of the scene. This is likely to be the shorter thing of the three attacks, because it is the case; Excavating a hole to another wall and a & # 39; produces concrete tunnel in the process.

▼ Second: Luffy's Gum-Gum Red Hawk from one piece

Although this roadside is similar to the Kamehameha (Ahiru Neko noticed that the Gum Gum Red Hawk "should be" the same size as an attack from Goku, who can blow planets) the middle of the strike it is much deeper. We'll even see the image in the Luffy fire! This is one of Luffy's "Second Gear" ways, which heats up his own blood and his / her; let her hand forward as a gun from a gun.

The large sections of a wall that divide around the area are Just look to look cool!

▼ Finally: Naruto & # 39; s Scratch invasion

It is an attack in the Rasengan, literally "global stimulation", where chakra (power of life) is handled in the palm in a spinning ball. Skilled users can not attack it as an attack to start, and you can make more damage by expanding it as the attack as big as Kamehameha, it is clear that an army is considered.

This slogan appears to be even more subtle than Luffy's attack, but it is a very beautiful and beautiful pattern that makes you everlasting. You would not want to go wrong on ninja Rasengan-wielding!

The clay contains a 15 meter wall (49.2ft) wall race in the Shinjuku station, and they are provides exciting displays of game coverage. "Get a little" is rolled over the end of the wall in graffiti text.

There is still some time to steal theft, as the wall up to February 24. Ahiru Neko is sure recommend that you enjoy the artistic definitions as long as as you can, even though Guy's Comic Book is in & # 39; hitting "the walls at Shinjuku Station must be very hard to resist these attacks".

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