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Shorter training and tracking the words, but national service providers Feel more focus on safety, News News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – The most recent battleship of the armed armies of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), some of which was recorded in January, graduated Saturday (9 March) after completing a shorter 12km route march.

Unlike previous battles, a group of around 3,500 dependents from the basic Military Training Center did not receive a normal 24km gradual march before their march at the Marina Bay flower platform.

On Facebook the same day, the Singapore Army said they were able to complete the training in time.

As part of their Basic Armor Training, practitioners will be able to access mats of paths that will, grow later, start at less than 5km before arriving at sea 24km.

However, he was nominated for a two-week period after the death of Aoysius Pang, an active (national) activist (NSman), in January, who had serious injuries during military exercise abroad.

This is the fourth death of training and jobs for the SAF reported on September 2017.

The period ranged from 23 January to February 6. Although it was gradually built since February 7, training for national service users was influenced.

This also included in-camp training (ICT) sessions that were shortened or subdivided.

Although some Saturday service providers were disappointed that their final route was shorter, others said they were focused rather than the safety of soldiers.

One of the people who wanted Lim commented: "Some courses are for a long time because they want to graduate like all other in Singapore, and do not want to be on the eliminate how they did something smaller. "

"But others are good or even happy with what happened," added the full-time national service (NSF), 19.

In the same Facebook post, the Singapore Army said that it impeded ICT for three national service units when the sessions came inside or just after the time.

He added that the closure does not affect the performance of their national service training schedules. ICT technology has not been erased for national service units and the individual Corporate Induction Test for NSmen has also been restarted.

The Army also announced Saturday that the runoff of Runrig Bay Bay Singapore and Half Marathon last year had been suspended to allow them to better track the time of the year, he said.

The NSman, who refused to be announced, received news that the crucial training session in February was suspended just a day before he started.

"I think they did not want us to go to camp, and we can not do anything because of the reviews. It's easy to understand because it shows them Making soldiers safe as a priority, "he said.

Others who have continued their training with care constantly after the time saying that there was a greater emphasis on having to do so; comply with safety protocols.

For example, temperature-based rotational work-based temperature was kept deeper.

This was to allow enough troops to get rest and irrigation, one of the war engineers, who finished training two weeks at the end of February, said.

Businessman John Koh, 37, finished his last ICT with the military unit of last Thursday.

He was trained two weeks, which includes brigade level war games and military planning to be cut directly, cut short daily. A "technical breakdown" was also added one-day on March 3.

On the recent focus of safety, he said: "It is important to remember NSmen on training safety and upgrade on previous training events as NSmen does not return once a year for training."

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