Slingers will pay to & # 39; price for mistakes, basketball news & best stories

Moving 64-57 in a & # 39; The last quarter, Singapore Slingers dug deeply and launched their fight.

When left less than four minutes on & # 39; clock, you'll see a great team with Captain Han Han that the Slingers were in a position; 69-68 away – the first time they headed over the Formosa Broochs from the first quarter of the Asean Football League (ABL) game yesterday.

The 1,800 people at the OCBC Arena went into a frenzy because they tried to bring the team to their influence.

It was a neck and neck; in the last minutes as the two teams made the lead and, with 36 seconds left, the Brufflers were in the driver's seat with the score at 74-73.

However, with the Slingers who owned it, there were every chance that they could have an impact during death.

However, they did not have enough for the Neo Beng Siang team because they did not rely on their property and did not. They suffered a huge loss of 77-73 at their opening in 2018-2019 ABL.

Slingers supporter coach, Michael Johnson, believes that his team paid the price to go to; continues to grow again and defend in the last few minutes, but said that the "left-wing" was the "left factor".

  • 40%

    The Slingers lost more than half the search with a geographical range (39.4 per cent).

"We got open, we got under the field and just cracked beds and we can not do that," said Australia.

"We need to turn most of these. I think we're getting 15 to 16 beds, which equals 30 to 32 points and that's big. "

The Slingers performed just 28 out of 71 of their academic goals (39.4 per cent), with Xavier Alexander making top-scoring for the team with 24 points and 11 reactions.

The other traders, Jerran Young and John Fields, 20 and 12 separate points.

The Dreamers, who won only one game in their 2017-2018 season, are led by the American Amateur American coach of this term and their playground is enhanced by American remarks Malcolm Miller , Tevin Glass and William Artino.

The trio joined for 58 of the 77 points of the Dreamlers, directed by Tevin & 24 onwards.

The Slingers performed well to finish their first season with a Taiwanese voting vote for 19-19, but they did not. They could build the game in the next two quarters because they had as many nine points at one level.

Johnson said: "It's a disappointment because we have given them eight-to-nine leaders and we have used so much energy to get back.

"I think that's what made us go."

Despite her & # 39; lost, Ng's shooting guard said the team was still willing to win their first ABL championship.

"We are constantly going to win the season – that is, sometimes, things are not going on for a reason," said the 29-year-old.

"We do not have to make any reduction in our ability to make (a warranty).

"We will move on from here and see how we can improve our game and achieve our goals."

The Slingers, who finished as a rehearsal runner-up for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasonals, will then play the Vampire Mono Basketball Club for a lullaby at Stadium 29 in Bangkok Wednesday.

Then they face the Westport Malaysia Dragons, lost in the ABL 2015-2016 boundaries at the Friday Arena OCBC.

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