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Small soldiers who include InSight Lander to Mars Their Silent

Communications of the artist on satellite Mars Cube One
Picture: NASA / JPL-Caltech

A pair of small chattels that were entered into the InSight mission were not heard on their way to Mars for over a month – but the positive mission is still successful for NASA.

Mars Cube One, not MarCO, was made up of two 30-pound satellite called WALL-E and EVE. The soldiers that were relatively cheap were & nbsp; The first time CubeSats entered the space between planets. The intention could be ahead of future spacecraft bringing together more CubeSats with them in the future.

CubeSats is the most common type of satellite designed to reduce costs and allow researchers to enter into scientific devices with potential capabilities. going on. Standard CubeSats includes a sizeed litter, about 60 cubic inches, where there are space implements, and can not exceed 1.33 kilograms or 2.9 pounds. CubeSats is easy to use, however, there were 6 cube units at WALL-E and EVE. More than 1,000 CubeSats were launched.

NASA scientists were interested in trying to keep CubeSats in a deep place as part of the InSight Mars Lander mission. They hoped that the soldiers would go to Mars and check InSight about their arrival, Attend backup recycling to bring back radio data to Earth in a direct time. InSight used Mars Ornament Mars Reconnaissance, Mars from 2006, to return home data, whether or not CubeSats did, but WALL-E successfully launched InSight information on back from each rank of descendants, as well as the first image of the landlord, while & # 39; EVE was able to make a radio measure.

NASA lost communications with WALL-E on 29 December and with EVE on January 4. Test antennae may not be marked on the Right Earth, or their solar panels do not appear at a & # 39 ; sun and their battles died, according to the press release.

But the campaigns revealed that CubeSats is an optional option for data from a deep place back to Earth, and the future campaigns can bring their own communication relay to keep track of touchdown.

The InSight team will try to communicate with MarCO satellites in the summer when they arrive closer to Sun, according to a press release. But if there is no answer, these two CubeSats are known to have affected them, having successfully completed their mission.

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