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SoftBank sells a Nvidia stake and a & # 39; looking at more future breakthroughs

TOKYO – The $ 100 billion SoftBank Group technology asset has been selling its sales; his entire company in U.S. chipmaker Nvidia. The Wednesday news came together with salary results, with the company that posted; believe higher ratings in other care companies for jumping in a profit for the fourth October to December.

Researchers provided support for disappointment results. SoftBank is investing in some of the largest technology companies in the world through the SoftBank Vision Fund, and has catastrophic stock of stocks in the & Fourth among concerns related to trade and economic growth. Nvidia was among the great technology providers who suffered their price, and the Vision Fund had been in a position; maintaining up to 5% of the company.

In an amazing response, SoftBank said that he was using derivatives that enabled him to; organization to balance most of the reservoirs. The Vision Fund was also divided into Nvidia by January.

As well as his son, Vision Fund will be $ 100 billion, which will be launched in late 2016 with Saudi Arabia support, and Last sales in care companies such as Uber Technologies and Slack, who say they are trying to get public.

"People think I'm not selling it, but it's not," said Mac in an effort to keep keepers quiet as SoftBank is doing. Looking to keep up fast investments in large technology companies. The Vision Fund had almost half of its committed capital in 49 companies by December.

As well as selling stock of technology, investors had been in the process of selling a stock of technology, From the first SoftBank mobile unit suspension stock, published in December.

SoftBank increased a 60% annually increase in operating profit in the last three months of the year, to 438 billion yen ($ 3.99 billion). Benefit left from the Vision Group department; group three to 176 billion yen. The company said that the product was including an increase in the valuation of Uber Technologies that traveled the US after its & # 39; SoftBank group moved to Vision Fund. An actor of the US cooperative place also evaluated WeWork, among other investments, too.

Due to the sharp decline in the Nvidia stock price, the 447 billion year deposit was lost for the Vision Fund in the & fourth October of December. But SoftBank has decided to lose most of the derivatives through derivatives gaining a & # 39; using a callaide method called a charging activity.

This helped to build the net profit for the period between April and December to record a record of 1.53 trillion yen, over Toyota Motor, the largest craftsman in Japan.

It is uncertain how the latest results can disturb the way the group is able to; leading away from the telecommunications industry. The stock price of 8,461 yen Exchange Stock Tokyo closed on SoftBank Group stock on Wednesday, ahead of the revenue, decreased by over 20% from the highest in September last year. It has a market share of around 9.3 billion years of age, which analysts say that its investments have a casual decline.

A designation indicates that SoftBank for another Vision will be launched in the future. Mac said that second funding will not be launched "within the coming months," and has not decided whether more funding should be obtained from Saudi Arabia, which has been accused of her & # 39; international community to be & # 39; ordered murder born, journalist based in the USA in October. However, Mac said he has "a good relationship" with the kingdom.

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