[SPOILER] What is a rookie name that signed it after just three months of trying on Mask King & # 39? this week?

Another idol was amazed by their vocal abilities this week.King Mask!!

The event was unveiled on 31st March SME a singing competition, eight opponents had to compete against the winners of the competition.Galileo.

The second competition was between the tChuno'And';Imgeokjjeong', Which played a duet of the 2018 union of Paul Kim'Mi Mi After you. "

During the exhibition, Imgeokjjeong & # 39 really enjoyed it; with sweet singing, which gave us a contrast between their aggressive faces. The panellists also welcomed Chungo's soft voice delivery and natural performance capabilities.

However, the panellists believed that Imgeokjjeong & # 39 had little knowledge; On the stage and realizing that they had been able to interpret pronunciation he had been studying abroad.

After the audience had voted, it was announced that Chuno & # 39; as the winner of the visit, and as a result, 'Imgeokjjeong & 39'; remove it. The competitor was only one Children avoided the Han member, who had spent time learning in Malaysia.

At the launch interview he said this was the first time since he appeared on his own. He also considered the first year of Stray Kids's working; add: "Of JYP Entertainment, older artists are such J.Y. The Park, 2PM, and GOT7so I don't really feel like a famous person so far. "

He also said that before he thought that his parents would not be encouraged to sing, so he told them that he would give it if he couldn't get a group next year. Fortunately, he was signed to JYP Entertainment after only three months.

“This is my parents 'favorite exhibition, so they are pleased that I was able to progress,' said the priest. "It would be good to show my parents how wonderful the son is through this experience."

Check Han's performance and see below!

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