The main causes for male impotence

Названы главные причины мужского бессилияOften there is a natural nature of impotence.

The causes of sensitive male problems can be different. 85% of non-banned causes caused by organic causes, and only 15% of cases of mental centers.

Neurogenic habitats, fasgular, hormone – are all organs. "Neurogenic to include rupture, in this case, maybe it will be a fraction or a congestion or a" # 39; gutting the nerves in the pelvis, "- said the archaeologist Mikhail Rodionov.

If vessels are planned or damaged, the generations will receive too little blood, which also causes problems. The causes of poor build can cause high blood pressure, and some medication, the doctor said. Zasaharivanija can cause strange causes to diabetes. In this case, the member will loss of sensitivity, and excitation does not occur, a & # 39; doctor's explanation.

So, Rodionov believes that a & # 39; Most of the natural impotence: "You are tired of the sex partner or problems in the work that prevent you from focusing on … it's a genetic knowledge of sex. "

In the General, doctors tell people not to commit crime: we Develop a new way when you are using a specific male for two months in sequence.

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