The new Chip business pattern looks like the old one, Technology


Mon, November 19, 2018 – 5:50 AM

The new pattern of a soccer industry looks like the old man. As new analysts have made them harder to grow and want to grow from new areas such as mininging bitcoin, manufacturers were likely to be tough. However, sales proxy from Nvidia's showcases and Applied Materials have been as tangible as ever as economic tourists and more materials.

The decade has been a happy person for a traditional boom-and-bust business. It has become harder, and more expensive, to make slates that have become more progressive. To address rising costs, the business was reinforced, preventing extensions. At the same time, a quick demand was increasing. Boomed profits came, and the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index increased sixteen over the last decade.

One of the heated areas has been graphic editors. As well as making more rational games, these teams are useful for the learning of tools, self-driving cars, and mineral cryptocurrencies. Most specialist Nvidia saw a majority of stock over the last ten years; left, to & # 39; market to increase $ 175 billion last year.

The museums who are blind from euphoria are in a position; Ensure that other reasons of past members have not been removed. Demand is regularly accessed, and a harsh economy has been running on. tidy sale broke. In hot areas where demand is exceeded, customers order more than they need, with the hope that they will provide enough supply. And customers are very much invested to meet future sales of the future.

Nvidia warns that the revenue of the season will be about 20 per cent less than that of examiners expected as a classic case.

His company sent a & # 39; blamed burge criptocurrency burst, saying that he would take another couple or two to work through the provision of slates. Chief Executive Huang Jen-Hsun said he was "surprising, as anyone else" and noted that there were similar problems. Probably, but there is also a demand for playing and data center teams that & # 39; come out of the nose. The magazines and accounts available have risen dramatically, and now a third is now larger than the one for the next quarter.

Hard counting difficulties are fast for groups. High-based costs mean profits are rising closely by books, long & is the edges that fall through the length of the floor & # 39; as products are worked. In addition, the value of chips sheets is better as they sit, and lose their technological edge. Businesses often stop capital expenditure to deal with bloat. The Warning from Verified Materials – the biggest maker for shepherds – in the future of slower sales in the future to show that this is a # 39; happening throughout their business.

This quick circle begins to be similar to past ones. REUTERS

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