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The policeman borrowed a Singapore man who sent his own bag

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons

A Singapore man was arrested on arrival in the Changi Airport in March. The man who lived in Vietnam, who was 30 years old, was the man who had put his own boy away.

Authorities were told that a Singapore man had been stolen from February 27 in Vietnam. The Singapore Police Force and the Vietnam police were involved and joined up.

Relatives to report back to the police. According to the author, the ppers were stolen for S $ 20,000 for his ransom. The sum should be transferred to his bank account before he can release it. Relatives at the house paid for it but the full amount was not paid.

According to reports, police were found to be "safe and well" in Vietnam. The man appears to have hidden his wife to steal money from his relatives.

The man was arrested for false charges. If convicted, he may be sentenced to a fine of seven or ten years imprisonment under Section 420 Chapter 224 of the Singapore penalty code.

Inspections are still ongoing, so more information about the issue remains confidential. Authorities say they are still unaware of why the individual was in need of money in the first place.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the concert can support Singaporeans abroad if they need to inform their relatives or friends to request an emergency fund to come home or for emergency expenses. other. However, the consulate cannot provide cash loans or cash checks for any reason.

If Singapore is arrested overseas, the concert can help to move inward taxes for legal fees, but it cannot pay a lump sum or pay fines to the citizen. it is kept.

Netizens expressed the delight and suspicion of human actions. Some people asked if his relatives hated his relatives so that he would betray S $ 20,000.

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