The WWE Carmella star describes what's like to work with R-Truth ahead of the Survivor Series

SmackDown, Carmella's women's rival, has gotten well with fans by cooperating with R-Truth as & # 39; The Fabulous Truth & # 39 ;.

The two hospitality enthusiasts are hosted to the WWE Mixed Combat Challenge and they are offering & # 39; TV dancing on TV – even a & # 39; WWE chairman Vince McMahon wants to throw some shapes on SmackDown 1000.

The 31-year-old Leah Van Dale, from Spencer, Massachusetts, who is 31 years old, is now preparing for a traditional 5-5 defensive game at Survivor Series tonight.

She sat down, along with Sheamus and Cesaro an Bar, to talk about her feelings about the development of WWE women and work with the truth.

Mirror's Danny Stone was in hand to send her questions to her in London.

R-Truth and Carmella on SmackDown 1000

You were famous for dealing with people who criticized you online, trolls and others, throughout the country like Smackdown Women's Champion. How good it is at the moment is that all those fans, and people who coming out of the woodwork saying they were supporters from the same day?

Carmella: It's always fun to play the bad man, that's sure. But everyone wants to jump to her Carmella band now that she has been a big Smackdown activity. I can accept it because they are </ i>; talk about it because they love me or if they hate them, they talk to me, so I can.

The old ally, James Ellsworth, is one of the last people to keep an interactive game in WWE. In fact, you are now in the Match Match, not the same thing, as the men and women are kept individually once the bell is heard. Would you like to be able to store more inter-species in WWE? If so, what would you like to face the male side of the roster?

Carmella: Honestly, the best thing is the Combined Challenge. It's so fun; I'm working with R-Truth who's the person! It just adds another element to the board when you go to it; Search by someone as an agent because you do not know what will happen.

When you just have a normal women's game or a normal game of men, you know they are going to fight. When there is a bit of mix, you do not know what to happen and I'm going to do it; think it's really fun.

… and what's your favorite person?

That's a good question, I do not know. I am currently focusing on a Combined Challenge.

Sheamus: You could always put it on Toni [Cesaro]

Carmella: Sure! We could do that

Sheamus: You and Truth are against me and Toni, you know. He looks good in a blond wig

Cesaro: Cesarello right?

Carmella and R-Truth had a dance break with the McMahons at SmackDown 1000

Carmella, you were in the first WWE payment event of all the women, Evolution. How it was part of the history and what message you think the event will be; send to sport all over the world?

Everyday was the most amazing day; there. Just back, with all the women, everyone was just brought together for this historic event. It was so honorable for me to be part of it. At the moment we are in the middle … I do not know why we say that we are in the middle of this woman's development further, because I do not know now if this change is a bump that the Women are part of Now.

I feel as lucky and lucky to be part of the & # 39; first ever ever. Now it's getting to a point where we do not need to; The first one has ever been said because it's just a normal growth. Previously he was "oh my ghosh, the women are the main SmackDown event tonight" and now it's not at all. So I feel lucky to be the center of everything.

[Cesaro’s phone rings….]

Carmella: Break Dance!

Cesaro: Look, I was waiting for the right time …

WWE's Sheamus and Cesaro: The show shows us the chance of Survivor Series & # 39;

Carmella and R-Truth with UK fans

The WWE Earthquake was damaged by the news of the Roman Secretary and his recent fight against leukemia. How did you feel and how the roster is a? deal with what is needed?

Carmella: I do not know Roman personally. I've been on SmackDown so I've never spent time with it. But in fact it is disastrous.

It just allows you to take into account the smaller things that are bigger, and you 're doing it; making things happen. No, what little things do you think is a big thing, you're doing; understand it is not. So it will give you everything that you have a bit bigger.

WWE star star

Discussion was made of a woman's tag team campaigning that appears to appear sooner. Who would be your partner?

Carmella: I think it's really cool that it's even possible to have tag titles for the women. I do not know, Carmella is just a bit off. I always tend to keep a man around any reason. Like James [Ellsworth] and now Truth.

I think, b & b; I had to have a partner, I would give Bayley but she's over Raw. I would like to see that the IIconics are available. For I have to choose anyone else, I'd like to be the IIconics as it's; first team winners.

We've all been enjoying the dance shoes, especially the one with Vince McMahon a few weeks ago. Who is the world of famous people you want to dance?

Carmella: Ooh J-Lo. Surely, J-Lo is the best. So that would be great.

The former women's Championship of SmackDown Carmella in action against Charlotte Flair

Is there any indication that you are finding out that there will be another show from Evolution pay or mid-year women next year?

Carmella: Your measurement is as good as anything but if anything has to do so well. When the first one did, I did it; Thinking that there should be another man.

Return to your first televised game, how did you feel at that time?

Carmella: O gosh, well, I had not been accelerated at that time for six months. I was so ugly. So, I was severely hanged as a senior brother, Staten Island Princess. That's how I did and I think the rest is past. I saw sections of it and I try to avoid it at all costs. It is embarrassing.

The Classic Young May & # 39; just finished, who would you like to take a challenge?

Carmella: That's a good question. I did not see every game, to be honest, but I saw a bit and I think that every girl is so cool. It is a good idea for the women to come out, as I said, and all those women have the opportunity to go to; show what they can do.

I do not want to choose one thing, because I think it's brilliant that everyone is in a position; get the chance to do something like that. Who knows, I hope we see them in NXT, Raw no SmackDown once.

Sheamus: That's the biggest political answer I've ever heard …!

You work with rapper in R-Truth. Repeat in part of the other day; Can you make a cheap style now?

Carmella: You know; "I, look once, make sure it's twice, he says she says she's eating white!

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