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There is a man who sent a man's face to fall in a barbaric attack & # 39; at the Golden Mile; get a jail

SINGAPORE: A 24-year-old man who was arrested in a viral video that fought to face a Golden Mile Complex person was imprisoned for three years and nine months on Tuesday (February 19).

We've been giving a four-minute attack on the victim, Bong Hong Yun, who is 26 years old, sometimes in the hours of October 11, 2017, at a & # 39; first floor of The Mile Complex.

It started when the two men entered the incident near a pub in the complex, before they began to make remoteness.

This was proceeded to punish and execute it; surrender, with their friends trying to divide them without doing anything. At the end, the victim fell to the ground but we continued to Strive to face until he lost awareness.

We carry the passive face beat before they stamp on their face, and # 39; hitting many times.

The victim was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he had been defended for two days before being discharged to rebuild face as a result of breaking.


Wee lawyer told court that the victim had been worried about the Wee's mother.

This was a "very bad crude," he said, because Wee's mother was abandoned by his father and father when we were only seven years old.

In addition, we had a low IQ of 60 and we just checked up to Secondary 2, he said.

The complainant requested a term of imprisonment at least three years and nine months, saying that a picture of the attack showed the "compassion", a blink and "total violence" that we used.

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Zhou Hongyi's Deputy Attorney General said Wee had "not learned his lesson", saying he had done the assault while he was on bail to attack another in April 2017.

After the Golden Mile attack, we rebuilt again while & # 39; We were on bail, struggling with another at St James Power Station on October 28, 2017.

She said that Wee attacked the victim's friend, and although he said he had surrendered himself to the police, he did so only after "much inspiration" from the authorities.


In response to defense arguments, she said that the complaint had been paying attention to our low IQ.

The defense asked prisoner terms that were three months shorter than requesting the complaint, saying that we want to convert a new page and that is; Try to find help to prevent issues in anger.

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After leaving school, we worked as a door-to-door salesman to sell ice cream and firearms, said the lawyer.

He stated that the freedom of IQ Wee was exempt from the National Service, but the prosecutor opposed this, saying there was no proof.

Prior to its introduction to November 2017, we worked as an attendee at an economic reusal base, which earned approximately $ 1,600 per month.

He gave $ 300 of his father, with whom he lived together in a single-room flat, said the defense.

We, now a father of a young son, have made a complaint guilty of any case that caused hardship and two rates of disruption.

Marvin's Baronial District Judge agreed to the situation of his claim, stating that the procurator had been "fairly intermediate without being asked to say anything wrong".

"There is no place for activities of the bad violence of its agency, especially in a full-time public place in Singapore today," he said, shouting the "barbaric" attack.

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