This is the reason why Pokemon Realadh is from Detective Pikachu & # 39; Creeping People Out

The "Detective Pikachu" search is out, and it's awful!

The movie, based on the same name video game, is & # 39; going around Pikachu (said by Ryan Reynolds), who is with the same human being who knows (Justice Smith Smith as the character of Tim Goodman) to solve crimes.

In total, the plan is adequately inconvenient. But unlike the animated 2D versions of "Pokemon", this film is lively, full of CGI creatures that really look – some of them are the brainbirds of the photographers who put these "Real" piper lists.

And these rational creatures bring people who do not want to do it. surrender.

He has not been denied. "Mr Mime has brought people out of hand, "And" Furry Jigglypuff "have confirmed that they have" mixed reviews ". But why?

HuffPost came out to a number of experts in psychology and design to establish general spiders, and some of their responses were made larger than others. Here are a few reasons why a realistic and emotional pokemon is awakening:

The gorgeous glen.

One of the hardest theories that is considered by psychologists and designers are both: We are in "uncanny glen"Country.

The term "uncanny" has been rooted in essay by Sigmund Freud in 1919, known as "Das Unheimliche," explained Ken Goldberg, chairman of professor and engineering of business engineering and job research at the University of California, Berkeley.

"This idea about the incanny is very interesting in many classical gothic literature and much art, and is used by artists through history," he said. "This is where you have something that is usually familiar and then is not very familiar."

Goldberg said the expression "uncanny valley" appeared in 1970 when Masahiro Mori robotic found a long while & It was to look at how people are doing. affect brooches. The artificial arms were "more human" out, Goldberg said they were "more comfortable up to a point" people were around them.

"And then this big loop is."

The thing was, although the strategic work was very close to human genes, they were not completely definitive as human armies. And that made people feel emotional, good, weird. Imagine a classic creep-fest as "Polar Express." There is a closer person in the animated film, more you feel like Tom Hanks is about to be murdered.

"When people begin to talk about using the creepy word, it's a good idea," said Goldberg on his arguments. welcome the real poker pieces. "Because it is saddened by the easiest thing we have to do with the unbelievable feeling of the person, Freud spoke to him. We do not have a word in English, but he is very distressed. So maybe it's the creepy glen called it right? "

However, the uncertainty of the theory is not to explain the definition of the CGI Pokémon.

Peter Lunenfeld, a professor and vice chairman of the art and design department in the arts at UCLA, said "it's a bit something" that people build up the valley are non-lingual to tell how they are Feeling about the Pokemon, because the concept is related to images that "try to reach humanity" and pipes were never true.

In this case, he said, the word "uncanny valley" is not used as explained; expectations. Instead, he works as a meme.

"You can recognize the uncanny valley as a meme now. It's not something that's related to science or academic literature, but they want to include them why does he feel calm, "he said.

According to Lunenfeld, there are several ways in the uncanny valley.

"Walt Disney is coming to her uncanny glen from the classical route, which is with the Clan Hall and animatronics, but someone like Hugh Hefner comes to the neo- Moving on the other side, where it really brings people, eg writers, and turns to attack them from the uncanny valley, "he said, re- A comment statement put forward in the article "Model Model of Desire".

"This is another way to the uncanny valley, where 8-bit characters turn the pictures on cards converted to anime that was then different [3-D generations] of players, "he said.

He said, "It's a question," Why do you get to this time, literally 30 years after and # 39; first impression [Pokémon]… why is this revision in this special commentary place to breed its & # 39; online conversation? ""

Part of the debate bends a character that is A better response to the traditional definition of its & # 39; uncanny valley: Mr Mime, a democratic piper that looks out of democracy. Out of all the characters in the garden, Mr Mime may be the best, and Goldberg explained the reason.

"This particular person … he looks to look something like a bad clown and he's been passionate for him," he said. "The small spiders on his head are particularly disturbing people, and there is often a sign. This little thing is going to be long."

Mr Mime, leave me forever.

Warner Bros.

Mr Mime, leave me forever.

Agreed Elizabeth Jochum, professor related to the use of art and robots at the Aalborg University in Denmark.

"I think this is to be done by the distressing factor where it is different. We do not know where to put it. It's not very lively, and it's not It's not amazing, and it's not very human, "she said. "The other thing is that we try to understand what he says, but we do not understand it."

We also went to someone who analyzes what's going on; doing unsure things, Frank McAndrew, professor of psychology at Knox College in Illinois. He alleged that Mr Mim's face is working against him.

"The eyes in particular, with the eyes going up – really fascinating, that is very human," he said. "But there's no nose and there are no bills and do not have teeth, and so on again you have this [conflict]… if you just focused on the eyes and eyes you would be doing; think it was a person, but then it is based in the other thing where you do not know what; there. Imagine how stressful. "

"You know we're not disappointed," he continued. "We want us to apply these things, so we'll look like something like this and we're struggling. Why does it seem like that? A person? Does it seem to be something else? We do not know. "


Jochum gave us some ideas on the Pokémon heebie-jeebies.

"I did not find it without reason for another reason, which was to be done to the voice – that it did not interfere with the Pikachu design or other Pikachu types that we know from the Japanese film or anime. For that reason, I think that the incapacity is inspired by this conversation between this little animated character and this infinite voice. "

Again, Ryan Reynolds, aged 42 has said Pikachu.

Like the crisis to hear a deep voice; Come out of a yellow electronic carton, some of our ears must be done with simple expectations.

This is Jigglypuff from animation:

Here's Jigglypuff in the movie:

Many of the experts we talked to the Pokémon did not find everything that's done; disturbed him.

"I have been able to say, in humanity, I'm thinking of having a Pokémon well down the list," said McAndrew.

But that's because he had no history with them.

"Non-linguistic literature is unidentified & # 39; – and is encouraged when we meet something that should be familiar with us, but we know that we are not know, "said Jochum. "So, it's not about nostalgia, all right, but about the uncomfortable or uncomfortableness that we get when we meet something that we are thinking about We know, but it does not match what we expect. "

"That's not the gorgeous glen that, or even there unheimlich (the Germans have the best words to be heard), "said Lunenfeld," because the unhappy subdivision of the community & # 39; Pokémon feeling with her; This phikachu 3D-ghost-CGI-wild-actor-voiced Pikachu. This unhappy is driven by a variety of nostalgia and desire to achieve. For I have to give a word to me, ask me fannui & # 39; which link & # 39; wait & # 39;mind, Which is a type of cleaning. "

"I think this issue is also about the development and destruction and culture of contemporary fans' culture," he said, "where people are very hopeful to be All of the young people are going to new entertainments, but they want their youngsters to just get the way they want it. "

Challenges are likely, but people just want to be turds.

There may be another reason for the challenge that people are just like their vision.

"Part of the reason is that there is nothing in a pop culture currently that does not produce a kind of dialectal consequences," Lunenfeld decided. "Whatever comes in, someone says that I love him, someone will say I'm sorry."

Good news for future Pokémon trainers.

If you did not get the Pokémon uncomfortable or not, some online people found that they finished to # 39; The designs enjoyed after having to look at the trailer, because the effects of incapacity had been on the side of the train. give time.

"We are not afraid of you," said Jochum, "because our brain tells us that you are scared about things that we can not do different. It is a physical response; in the incapacity, and is connected to the battle or our flight device. Is it friendly? Can I eat it? Will it eat me? Our brain will , make quick decisions on these things, and if we can not immediately identify it if it is a friend or an accused, human or non-human, there is a problem and we will do it; stay in our guard. "

Undoubtedly, there may be spectacular scenes of the trailer on the outskirts of Pikachu red. We still chose you, your last friend ….

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