Tradition has a great responsibility from Japan's new imperial couple

TOKYO: Prince Prince Naruhito's incoming empire is about the elegant work of balancing the tradition within the world's oldest monarchy and its own values , including protecting his family from strict palace regulations.

The 59-year-old has not been shy about criticizing the way of life that has sometimes confused him, especially because his wife Masako has been fighting for the first time. transition to imperial life. t

And as the father is very popular Akihito, he has warned of the need to remember World War II "without right, without blowing on the early 20th century militarism of Japan". .

Naruhito was born on 23 February, 1960, the first Japanese princess growing up under the same roof as the parents and parents – royal children had been raised earlier by girls and teachers.

He studied for two years at the University of Oxford in the 1980s after graduating from Japan with a degree in Japanese history, and was reputed to have been home with a poster of American actor Brooke Shields.

In Britain, it was possible to seal some of the riches of royal life in Japan, linking to other students as well as the British royal family, and it has spoken incredibly at that time.

In 1993 he married Masako Owada, who will become the Emperor when Naruhito takes on the Chrysanthemum Event in May.

The daughter of a diplomatic family left her and educated at Harvard and Oxford, Masako outside her own personal hope of marrying a royal diplomatic office.


Naruhito promised to "protect her at any cost" and to make the transition, and Masako explained that she had made a sacrifice for her life to "give myself a useful use in this new way."

However, she had difficulty making changes for life recorded within the family, punctuated by periodic and highly planned public events.

She also came under great pressure to bear a son because Japanese empire's continuity does not exclude women. This survey was only done when she was born Princess Aiko's daughter in 2001 – they only had the only child.

In 2004, Naruhito forgiven the palace custodians to curse the personality of his wife, in unparalleled public words.

"For me, Masako is very similar to her efforts to make her a kingdom over the last ten years. It is also true that something that led to the abandonment of Masako was something that happened. T "said he."

He described Masako as "fearing that she was not allowed to visit overseas countries although she left him as a diplomat."

In the same year, the palace showed that Masako had been diagnosed as "disorderly" with problems in place for all his marriage.

Naruhito reiterated his apology, but has called for new "royal duties" to respond to a new time.

The emphasis on Masako caused a little when her sister-in-law was born in 2006 for her 12-year-old son, Hisahito.


Naruhito has also continued his father's lead by revoking revism about Japan's work during World War II, with some seen by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's nationality nation.

"Today, when war memorials are going to be smashing, I think it is important to look back at the past with great grace and give away all the time t That's a tough job and the historical way was tight, "he said in 2015.

Naruhito and Masako are expected to become involved in the key relationship of imperial singers who have received public support for showing alongside natural disaster victims.

It added that they “may continue with the standard style standing next to the public – visiting areas of great disaster and praying for peace as they mourn). a war dead, "Hideya Kawanishi, a fellow professor at Nagoya University and Japanese history expert.

In February, Naruhito said he hoped as an emperor that "he would always be close to the people and share the joy as well as sorrow."

But the couple cannot "do the same level of activities with the existing imperial couple" who introduced Masako's health, Kawanishi told AFP.

In a statement published on his December birthday, Masako promised to make everything that "irresponsible" about the emperor.

In the honest comment, she said that she was getting over and that she could "perform more responsibilities than before", crediting the public's "powerful support".

Doctors have warned that she needs to continue to heal and is more likely to be tired.

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