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Two fighting cars to park in LA turn into mind war, World News

What was the hardest thing you have ever done? Two drivers point to what it is like to end up kiasu have spent more than 90 minutes fighting for one vehicle.

In a series of tweets on 1 April (with no joke), a user record with the hand "Mrhflrs" a live story about two cars struggling for a main parking place in Los Angeles.

Although she did not see how the drivers started the battle, she wrote that the two cars as they were in that place were for 10 minutes in their opening tweet.

The black car seemed to be trying to park parallel by re-entering the majority. T However, the silver car seems to be being blocked from entering.

The situation continued for a further 10 minutes, resulting in traffic restrictions.

None of these fell back even when there was another space in the street and the priority seemed to have gone out of existence in a battle of pantry.

Even the two cars marked their interest in their lot and were greeted with "harmony of angry horns", nothing had spread on the suffering conflict. T how the flow led to sunset.

Unfortunately after an hour, it seemed that the duel came to an end when the place beside it was now found. Eventually both cars were able to park.

Does this mean that the war has come to an end? As well as this, the car parking was only appearing around two rounds of blame, as they did not want to leave their cars now.

After a further 20 minutes of sitting in the cars the final stop stopped when the cash driver's driver decided he had left, taking in over 90 minutes of conflict t Petty.

Although it is thought that drivers never found out, the user on Twitter Mrhflrs has given the opportunity to give both cars a “thank you” card following a non-current situation under the banner. wind.

In the letter, she thanked them for the humor free and gave drivers an opportunity to share their story with an email address she created, especially "". . None of the drivers have automatically e-mailed in April 4.

At the same time, her viral thread became viral and users began to form alliances, choosing between #TeamSilverCar and #TeamBlackCar.

The saga even made it to Chrissy Teigen's swimsuit modal, which was all for #TeamBlackCar.

Others also commented that the unusual example of a sitcom program was Seinfield.

As the debate progresses, who do you think was the right path? Are you #TeamBlackCar or #TeamSilverCar?

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