Walmart and DreamWorks Animation Invite your fans to join the open world on how to drive your drama through new reasonable knowledge

BENTONVILLE, Ark .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – 14th February, 2019 – Have you ever wanted to move next to Hiccup and Astrid behind the dragon, which grows high in the sky and its # 39; crossing amazing landscapes? Walmart (NYSE: WMT) and DreamWorks Animation make this happen – something realistic – through independent V-commerce activities, and & # 39; First-of-kind related to the forthcoming drama news How to guide your Dragon: the hidden world.

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Walmart will test VR knowledge into the "hidden world" of how your Dragon guides. (Picture: Business Wire)

Just ahead of the films intended to play theater all over the country on February 22, How to guide your Dragon: the hidden world Virtual Tour, powered by HP, Intel and Positron, who visited Walmart park park selection. Spatial & V-trade start was focused on & # 39; Creating the experiences of recurrent merchants using new technology and storytelling tools, and # 39; cooperate with DreamWorks Animation to create this VR-unique innovation event designed to encourage one-to-one relationships with the famous characters of the film. As part of this, the journey will appear How to train your Dragon products available for purchase in a blended gift shop with logo.

The knowledge, led by Kurt Mattila and Gil Zimmerman and is represented by Armand Weeresinghe, begins in a boardroom where Ruffnut and Tuffnut feel uncomfortable friends; entertaining guests, the setting of the scene for this magical empire. Then the partners will be introduced into the dragon's cave to answer them in a earring earring, and sit in specialized VIT positron chairs that are powered by the HP backpack VR, before embarking on a real five-minute tour of World Hidden today with the help of Astrid, Hiccup, Toothless, Hookfang and more.

This fascinating activity allows everyone, ages 8 and up, to interact How to train your Dragon They characterize the sound of sound, movement and sensation of a real world. Spectators are fully drawn into physical and emotional knowledge, creating deep connections with the dragons and the characters they encounter on the way.

"Collaborate with DreamWorks Animation and its handsome How to train your Dragon Licensing is such a fascinating way to include a & # 39; first time for the public, "said Katie Finnegan, Spasail & Chief Executive." Spaces were based based on the belief that VR will have a & # 39; trade and sales transformation and we can not wait to buy this amazing shopping experience with consumers across the country. "

"We have set a very good bar for quality and innovation for How to train your Dragon licensing, and our partners at Spaces and beyond what we expect their amazing work on the & # 39; This project, "said Abhijay Prakash, DreamWorks Feature Animation's main operating officer." This latest movie shows DreamWorks the best creative abilities in the & # 39; class with advanced progress in animation technology, and we are delighted that this knowledge is created by Spatial and staying up to its location. and giving fans the opportunity to go to the middle of a special world that we created for the film. It's a really good experience. "

"An How to guide your Dragon: the hidden world Virtual Tour is a great opportunity for our users to get involved with this wonderful license. This is also the latest example of how Walmart continues to & # 39; using emerging technologies, and & # 39; including genuine truth, to experience customers across the country, "Scott McCall, head of entertainment, toys and seasonal, told US Walmart a preview of the exciting new materials that are available at Walmart for How to train your Dragon Followers of all ages at the best prices that Walmart expects customers. "

Continuing to the VR knowledge, the partners are directed to How to train your Dragon a theme gift shop where they can get memories that show their characters; feel and create deep links during their implementation. Among the things available are all that Viking could ask, from enhanced toys to action figures for licensing DVDs and video games. Selected collections from the collection are available in 2,000 Walmart stores throughout the country and at

All implementation will be brought to life through hard-working and higher software of HP, Intel and Positron, official supporters of the trip. Spatial Animation and DreamWorks supported servers and workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to create upgrading images and 360-degree VV videos to create this fascinating experience . During implementation, Headsets Reality Reality Headsets and OMEN with HP Mindframe Headsets, together with PCs with power from Intel® Core ™ processors, enable users to engage in the World Hidden . The sport is running outside the VR experience where HP Chrome books have been copying; gives parents the chance to continue with the content that they have; children are watching and Omen is with HP Computers Laptops, based on Intel technology, a & # 39; giving entertainers for waiting and passport partners.

"For 80 years, HP has delivered innovative technology to help filmmakers create memorable moments," said Joanna Popper, a truly real and truly real head for HP based entertainment. "Working with DreamWorks Animation, Walmart and Intel, we are using truth to bring the Hidden World from story-to-story stories by listening to the middle of the story."

"Intel end-to-end solutions are combined with technology from HP and creative mind from Spatial & DreamWorks Animation to give new knowledge to people who have an immersion move to connect to the How to train your Dragon world, "said Kumar Kaushik, general manager of AR / VR, Intel's computer computing manager." From the images that content creators are taking a VR trip behind the dragon, allowing new stories to developers and users the same. "

" How to guide your Dragon: the hidden world A virtual tour of the Positron Moving Voyager® VR mobile motion is to deliver a magic, multi-sensory event where everyday interaction can be viewed by the audience with their favorite characters from the movie, "said Jeffrey Travis, Head of Positron. "Spas & our first client is to & # 39; including an interactive handling route with 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) in the Voyager® city. We can not wait so that spectators can know the new phase of immersion stories, and we are proud to be part of this innovative project. "

An How to guide your Dragon: the hidden world A Virtual Tour will visit the following towns and Walmart shop between 15 February and 9 April:

  • Burbank, California (1301 N Victory Place) – February 15-16
  • Pico Rivera, California (8500 Washington Boulevard) – February 17-19
  • Anaheim, California (440 Euclidean Street) – February 22-23
  • San Bernardino, California (4001 Hallmark Parkway) – 24-26 February
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (5200 S Fort Apache Road) – March 1-2
  • North Las Vegas, Nevada (6464 N Decatur Boulevard) – March 3-5
  • Glendale, Arizona (5010 N 95th Avenue) – March 8-9
  • Gilbert, Arizona (2501 Market Street) – March 10-12
  • San Antonio, Texas (8923 W Military Drive) – March 15-16
  • New Braunfels, Texas (1209 S Interstate 35) – March 17-19
  • Grand Prairie, Texas (2225 I-20) – March 22-23
  • Allen, Texas (730 W Exchange Parkway) – 24-26 March
  • Sugar Land, Texas (345 Highway 6) – March 29-30
  • Katy, Texas (1313 N Fry Road) – March 31st April 2
  • Rogers, Arkansas (4208 S Pleasant Crossing Boulevard) – 5-6 April
  • Bentonville, Arkansas (406 S Walton Boulevard) – April 7-9

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