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What causes that high? Responding to a long-term quote for covalent customers

Spat-rada (white beem) of a local tetrahedral sequence created by Atoms (large yellow fragments) in silica leòc (Large fragments are large quantities and Atoms O are small liver) replicated. Belief: 2019 Hajime Tanaka, Institute of Business Science, University of Tokyo

Non-prescriptive non-prescriptive material is a regular repetition pattern defined as translucent. Such materials can be found in nature and there are also several applications in technology. However, the unplanned nature of these materials makes them more challenging to be the character of crystalline structures.

Nowadays, researchers at the Tokyo University Business Science Institute have shown that a distinctive class class structure of lion and supernatural substances, called tetrahedral glass agents, can be understood from an experimental measure. Their findings were published Advanced knowledgeSouth Westerly

When crystalline material is spread X-rays or neutrons, it will be a & # 39; Creating a pattern is well defined as a result of its structure. Compared to that, the patterns made by lion and unnatural materials show wide ceilings that do not appear; provide the same level of information. However, it is known that slopes and supernatural substances that tend to create a network, such as silica and silicon, feature a so-called feature; sharp sharp separation crops (FSDP).

Many theories that connect the FSDP features to the structure of their related content are displayed; However, there is still no agreement on what causes these features. Now researchers have confirmed that the FSDP as a result of tetrahedral nature is the local order of atoms in the lion.

"The covalent nature of the glass we attach to produce in a specific level of a local level group, although the order does not exceed long time, "the author is compatible with Hajime Tanaka's definition. "We emphasized the structure of the tetrahedral unit that creates the materials, and as a result I have set up a model that can support a range of experimental products."

The test researchers have their tetrahedron models to & # 39; Using compound and tested data for many oxygen, halide, calcogenide, and monoatomic materials in the loft or torch states. The conclusions were able to explain the origins of the FSDP as well as peaks and other high features.

"We have justified the structure of a two-state structure in which order and disorder appear in the same energy-generating network," explains the first author Rui Shi. "We hope our products will have a better understanding of the characteristics of tetrahedral slopes and glasses, thus affecting areas such as earth science and recyclable materials."

The direct link between data that can be obtained by using common methods and information is a comprehensive structure of a local degree and range of order; Demonstrates the importance and practical ability of its displayed model.

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"Special signature of local tetrahedral ordering in a dispersed work of covalent power and glasses" Advanced knowledge (2019). DOI: 10.1126 / sciadv.aav3194,

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