What said Lionel Messi when he asked if he would do it on a Tuesday morning in Stoke

He has saved more than 500 vocational goals.

He is played in the World Cup final.

He has won the La Liga nine times, six times and Copa Del Rey at the European League four times.

It's on a similar chart five times to win FIFA Ballon D 'and not for the best player in the world.

But the question that bills on the lips of everyone who has so far is still unresolved: can he do the cold on Tuesday night in Stoke?

And Lionel Messi has responded to us lately.

The debate is long enough for Barcelona to take place as we know it is possible in the County of Staffordshire to be able to; try what it's like forever.

Andres Guardado from Real Betis is challenging Lionel Messi from Barcelona

But when the questionnaire was questioned by Guillem Balague, Messi responded very well.

Bala Sports Sky's journalist said: "My Messi asked about people in England saying:" You would not do so well at a cold, cold night in Stoke. "

"He said:" They should see the areas I play in Rosario. ""

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona and Andres Saved from Real Betis through the game

Messi describes the town of Rosario where he is in a position; coming from his country in Argentina.

He started up with a team from the town, Newell's Old Boys, before moving to sign it for Barcelona at offer age 13.

The 31-year-old man has been left with the Catalan club all over his career since then, and is regarded as one of the best players, not the best player. ; has been copying a & # 39; game.

Barcelona will have Argentinian ahead with Lionel Messi who gets a penalty against Real Betis

The question has been one of a regular debate for years, due to the fact that Messi never played in the English Premier League.

Messi's former manager in Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola, has reported that he has investigated his ability to be signed for his current club in Manchester City.

Despite being & # 39; playing for an English club previously, Messi has hit 22 attacks against English clubs in the European League over his role – including four in one game against Arsenal in 2010.

He could still add his record in the coming weeks, with Barcelona due to playing Tottenham at Campa Nou on December 11th.

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