Zverev shows new quality, now found; watch Novak Djokovic incapacitated


Djokovic meets Zverev on Sunday (Picture: Getty / Metro)

Following a fragile start, Alasdair Zverev has been delighted to watch – both on and off the court – at the end of the ATP this week.

Germany was not close to the levels of tennis at the beginning of the weekends of the session, which was screened by Marin Cilic with his mind before being moved by Novak Djokovic , but he did not; long to find his rhythm and put it in an amazing show to stop Roger Federer on Saturday afternoon.

Although he has not always done on the court, he has been delighted; creating imaginative responses in news conferences and a & # 39; sometimes erasing a brattish person that embraced a fun, relaxed and engaging way.

Zverev has not said that he can not be the best and although it's right to argue that he could be & # 39; doing more at Grand Slam level, the progress it is making is a real stardom.

& # 39; I'm working hard, & # 39; he said after he was hitting Iain Isner on Friday afternoon. & # 39; I like it because I know what I want, and I want to be a bit; better. With any other comments, you will not. So I know myself. & # 39;

Zverev is vitally the best Getty Images)

Its service is the best thing in terms of its game and it was rapidly at a speed to attend its speed; serving more than 6 "Americans during their meeting, but his forehand was also new in his final with Federer.

Prior to his game, he was saying that media thought the picture had been & # 39; very braky, but it was late Saturday afternoon. The stroke was very spectacular when it burned down the fireworks at 37-year-olds until it broke to love at the end of the opening set.

"I think I've been hitting it all year long, but some people who do not think that," smile after her & her; win 7-5 7-6 (7-5). As I said, against Roger, you must be an invader.

The Federer German beat (Picture: Getty)

"You have to take the time off from it, as I said, it is not going to lose its game, especially in a big game, in a big competition, where He got his rhythm in the last two games, playing a very good tennis. You have to take that away. That's what I tried to do. It works well. & # 39;

Although Zverev came home at one of the world's biggest tennis levels this week, he was uncomfortable after winning over Federer.

The 17,000-strong O2 Arena started on when he was interviewing the court, with a booster; sang around the playground from supporters who felt a bit of a bit of injustice because the German had stopped a point of thumb when a member's balloon collapsed.

It should have been a funny for the age of 21, who had just got the biggest final in his post, but was caught as a rabbit in the lights as the audience a & # 39; come to court.

"It was very encouraging to me that I won the game," he said after the conference; game. & # 39; I was in the finals. But it was very difficult at the same time because this was not the way I wanted to win.

The crowd spoke to Zverev (Picture: Getty)

When the booing was & # 39; It's never a good feeling. In particular I said to Roger was sorry at the net after that. And he said, "You have nothing to do for a relaxation, do not worry about it".

But the people, & # 39; Some of the people did not know what had happened, what situation was there. We were a bit in rally, and after that I served him, the situation did not help either.

"I was very emotional after that. The fishing went back again, which helped me too. Indeed, many of the feelings are going through my head. I had a subsequent dispute in the catching room too. I do not wait to lie. I had to take a few minutes to myself.

"But, you know, I hope that the people and the people who carried out will take a look at what happened, perhaps I can understand that I have not done my dad is wrong. & # 39;

It was a moment unfortunate, but a man who needs to put Zverev to the back of his mind quickly as long as he is going. aggravated for the most difficult task of tennis at the moment.

Djokovic is the best player in the world (Picture: Getty)

It has already been moved together by Djokovic World 1, which matches the total titles of Federer at ATP with a Sunday influence – in the agency stages and the Sebb is in the form amazing.

Wimbledon and the US Open concert have not fallen during the week, just looking at two broken points – both against Zverev – and can be the first person from Ivan Lendl in 1986 to make her & # 39; win this competition without losing a set if he hit Germany in two finals.

Djokovic's final challenge, Kevin Anderson, was full of praise for the Sebbia after the 6-2 6-2 6-2 episode and he suggested that he worked at a level even higher than The most important time in 2015 and 2016, he only saw the third in history for the same time to keep the four ambassadors at the same time.

"From an outside perspective, it's amazing what he did from Wimbledon, the tennis he plays, some of the stats," said South Africa.

I can not think it was stronger to & # 39; Even serving in his years than he was especially in the past few months. This week has been very good. I do not think it's broken this week.

Anderson Djokovic (Picture: Getty)

& # 39; It seems that it's definitely right back to & # 39; plays some of the finest tennis in his position. It seems like that. His only product would only give. & # 39;

He said: "Alex is playing a big tennis, in the finals. I know Novak respects the challenge Alex is giving. Alex needs to take care of Give it to his service games well, try to make Novak un-chofhurtail. I think it's a good game to watch. & # 39;

Djokovic commented on the scenes of Anderson on Zverev, although he hopes he will come back to meet him with a round truck on his. of mental benefit.

"Sascha, although he is a leader of a new generation, still thinks he's a young player, he's a player based," said Djokovic.

& # 39; It's a great skill to show on & # 39; court in recent years. It is shown why it is desirable to be in the mix of the best players in the world.

Djokovic and Zverev go to the border


RR: 6-4 6-3 Isner
RR: 6-4 6-1 Zverev
RR: 7-6 6-2 Cilic
SF: 6-2 6-2 Anderson


RR: 7-6 7-6 Cilic
RR: 4-6 1-6 Djokovic
RR: 7-6 6-3 Isner
SF: 7-5 7-6 Federer

& # 39; I have a & # 39; We expect it to be very different to us what was in the level of our organization, There may be a good interest in the body level against a few days ago, just coming into the game tomorrow, indeed. & # 39;

To win, Zverev needs to be the best at service, but Djokovic is present – it is considered to be the person who returns all the time – The other side of the net is often a & n; causing too many players.

Germany should comply with the Servant beyond its management at the levels of the organization and it is a real opportunity to make a statement of intent as it looks at promoting the protection process of protection at male tennis top.

But one thinks that this is Djokovic's time, and Zverev may have to wait a little longer before he can abolish the Service king.

Prediction: Djokovic in 2

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