Singer & Blurred Lines & # 39; Robin Thicke & Willing to live & # 39; After losing a home in California's wild fire


Robin Thicke throws his Grateful House to be grateful for much more than a simple turbulent dinner.

Thicke, most famous for hitting "Blurred Lines," said TMZ He is grateful to have his family got out of California wildfires in an accident – at least wise health. Thicke and his companion of April, Love Geary's home shooting down in one of the crystals that currently flows through the West Coast. However, Geary, his son Julian and daughter Mia's couple were in danger.

"[We’re] just happy to live, someone, "Thicke told the video player.

When asked if they planned to rebuild, the R & B star found that their home was in the back of the mind right now. They just want to help their community to cure and restore the disaster.

"[We’re] just try to & # 39; maximize the amount of charity content and their community help & as we can, "said Thicke.

The 41-year-old singer, a son at the end of Alan Thicke's actuary, was asked about the problem that was swept away from many rich communities since the fires started. He ensured that a man who wanted to demolish his house was burned directly for anything to save.

"There's nothing to do with our home," he said.

The couple decided many of the updates when they escaped from the fires, allowing fans to know they were safe, as well as the next steps; appear.

"Our house is somewhere inside there," Geary sent a picture of a distance on the horizon. "I'm so sorry but so grateful that we have made it safe." We pray for everyone in Malibu, our town is up in flames. "

When he returned to the estate, Geary sent a picture of his tenth place, saying "Our house is away".

Thicke again stated a full report giving thanks to the people who had a fighting fires and encouraging fans to given to the Red Cross.

"April, Julian, Mia would like to thank the fire activists and volunteers," he wrote. "When we went to safety, they affected their lives to try to save our home. We are safe and surrounded by friends and family. We thank you all for Love and support we have received, and we will love and love all those affected by the fires. Count your blessings! "

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