Singer Loïc Nottet does not look like that now! (Picture)


The public knew him brown, in season 6 of Dance with the stars on TF1 he won, along with dancer Denitsa Ikonomova. But Amazing Loïc Nottet surprised the start of the week by checking social networks: if his own falcon does not change, The Belgian singer grew platinum warmth! He showed this new vision on his cover; his own On fire, which will be published on Friday 30 November. Holding Loïc Nottet It will consolidate more than a & # 39; dizziness: sugar and its finger is on your skin's waist.

⋙ Man not just? Loïc Nottet (Dannsa with the stars 6) publishes its generosity

Air Instagram, its public has a & # 39; fight this hair change. "Lady, hair color","I like your hair","It is very suited to you"… But it's especially to name this new title that's doing everything!"I'm ready","I think I'm going to; going to shout","I will spend the most beautiful days","I am very enthusiastic, happy with these beautiful news"… This new title will be published every year and a half later Selfocracy, to the first record of Loïc Nottet where the excellent was brought Millions Eyes. Come on, over 4 days to wait!

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