Singer Zaz is the Seizure of the Czech Republic. Prague is going to Dathan –


"Whatever we see in the world, our own vision, translated by our own optics, is determined by what we love, what we & # 39: love, what we can create, what we can create. When we look around, we often see ourselves, "Zaz explained. An idea of ​​the new album Effet miroir (Lock Effect).

From the beginning, singing a variety of chanson, swing, jazz, jazz and pop feel. After years of bad work she has succeeded internationally, she has released many records and has respected critics. He also presents charitable and nature protection activities.

"For our visitors, it will be a great opportunity to see where the singer has played hard in the last few years. At the same time, we just do & Bring Zaz's love for the first moment to influence his power, his influence, hope and the amazing events, "said festival director Zlata Holušová.

The Ostrava colors will be held between 17-20 and July 2019. Among the players include The Cure, Florence + The Machine, Rag & B, Man, Mogwai, Mariza, Trio Iain Butler, Richie Hawtin Closer, Shaka Ponk, Xavier Rudd, Olafur Arnalds, Tom Walker and many others.

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