Sink function in the body


The organisms are the strange system, skin and mucosa, excavation system, distribution … aware of zinc deficiency. A sink content in the strange system can continue to a wide variety of patient problems and can contribute to the development of schizophrenia. People with a deficiency tend to disease, cold and flu. Zinc deficiency is one of the reasons for the loss of hair, the weakening of the cells on the bone and causes the breaking of the hair. For children, weaknesses cause anorexia, disturbance, to & # 39; removing, causing disturbance to sleep, sleep or sleep; crying at night.

A body protection system is enhanced by zinc because it is operating the system by placing a # 39; Encouraging macrophages, increasing limphocyt T … to fight infections. So when there is a zinc offense, you have a big risk of disease.

Zinc also helps to & # 39; integrating and metabolism other elements essential for life such as copper, manganese, magnesium (Mg). So, when a body's body deficiency causes a deficiency or metabolic deficiency of many causes, it will affect the health condition.

Zinc zinc is caused by a high diet in low-protein carbohydrates, by contamination, due to illness (due to severe pain making a severe sink), due to cure (for example, hitting zinc I …

So, to prevent a lack of zinc, you should eat rich foods of zinc such as oysters, liver, oysters, red meat, eggs, raw nuts, ice cream, vegetables, fruit, fruit. South Westerly

Lack of drug development with zinc. Your doctor will do a blood test … see the deficiency level and place an order on the right dose and the time you take. When that commands zinc, take zinc after 30 minutes. When you start this, you should be added to the document A, B6, C and phosphorus as they expand to & # 39; including zinc. You should not be your drugs, to avoid unsuitable crops and too much harm to …

DS. Tran Thi Bich

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