Sionc Sports indicates a weakness in Thailand after the Philippines


Fox Sports International has recently revealed that the weaknesses have emerged to Thailand after their game with the Philippines 21/11.

Sionc Sports indicates a weakness in Thailand after the Philippines

At Bacolod Island, the islands last night 21/11, the home team led by the famous gunsmith Goran Eriksson was crucial for his & her. Keeping a defense case in Thailand is still higher.

The pull has full opportunities for the Philippines to move forward and go to them; pushing Thai in a tough situation when they had to go to Singapore in the last round. If the game fails while & # 39; where the Philippines scales are opposed to Indonesia, they will be officially like the cèilidh party; before.

Foxcocks play a weakness in Thailand after the Philippine Cup has been taken
Fox Fox said the position was a weakness in Thailand at the 2011 AFF Cup

After their game, Sport Fox put on the difficulties that & # 39; elephants & According to newspaper, the keeper's position is the most deprived relationship of Thai with No. 1 Kawin Thamsatchanan who did not; Attending the 2018 AFF Cup due to the busy Club Oud-Heverlee Leuven in Belgium.

"Despite the good Buriram United shirt, Siwarak Tedsungnoen has not shown much in the national team, especially against Indonesia. When the opportunity was given, the second Chatchai Budprom's choice is to be the best, even to make mistakes affecting the Philippines. It is not clear that both of them are Kawin Thamsatchanan – playing in Belgium. "

In addition to this international newspaper, he also said that Thailand had not been effective with its & # 39; innovative new map. "When they were fighting on the Philippines, Milovan Rajevac's coach changed strategies from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3, which meant to be & # 39; Provided to be able to produce playwright with a player.


However, this is a mistake because Thailand has insufficient emphasis on the line between the enemy. Filipin can not only cost midfield but Monaidh Ott – Stephan Schrock does not have much, "said Fox Sports.

In the last game in Group B, Thailand will have a & # 39; Meet Singapore at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok at 9:00 pm on November 25th. Along with this game, the duel was in Jakarta between Indonesia and the Philippines.

Synthesis: Philippines 1-1 Thailand

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