Sir Trnava launched a lawyer on Net Day


Trnavský's devolution division has been made a case at the court back home, which was used in Galante since 2005 due to the fearless Day fearlessness fear for its revival resource.

The clean day was not dealing with its & # 39; clean clean. "Usage of a Day is without any legal title, and this also restricts our property entitlement, which is preserved by the Constitution. We want to use the building to provide social services to the local population. Our intention was to agree to the device, we wanted to avoid the law. As the machine did not respond to this effort, we have enforced the protection of the interests of the county with a court, "said Peter Markovic, Trnava cabinet officer leader, Jozef Viskupič.

On the ninth day, in a clean day, he returned to the Trnava devolution department and land that was originally used under a tenancy agreement. The area is not going to profit on its & # 39; Calls for rent and, after the termination of a three-month notice period, the restoration of the building. The purpose of cleaning and returning the premises related to the second building used in Galante with the Clean Day in 2005 on the basis of a loan agreement. Such a contract may be finalized by finalizing if the lender has a " failure to cause the loan. This situation, based on the rule of the devolution area, came as a Quotation Day came to a certificate for its revival resource. The Day of Clean Zuzana Tomankova Mikova, in June this year, establishes Mikka's argument thus saying that he is not a contract; in a credit in rent and rent agreements.

Day Clean has several suspects of genuine abuse over the last two years. His case was opened by the National Republic of Slovak Republic for SaS Natalia Blahova. The Labor Ministry, Social Affairs and Family in February had the right to qualify for the organization without profit, the decision came into effect on 7 March this year.

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