Siri thinks that Donald Trump is a penalty


I am not even an American, but I just bring out a dream dinner. Apple's digital Siri assistant thinks President Tr Trump is a penalty. If you use an iPhone to ask Siri what age in Donald Trump you will find a picture of a penalty instead of a picture of the President. At the time of writing, the penalty picture is holding a & # 39; come and go. Apparently, someone is editing a Wikipedia page that is related to Donald Trump or his / her; Play the algorithm that Siri uses for basic images.

Secondly, it's a bad thing that has created a number of wrong answers in the past. Mrs. Siri who was a The biggest failure of his / her feeling was when he was at # 39; think that the national legend of Bulgarian Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee had "Despacito," before Apple stopped the result. There is a complete subnet that is chosen for everyday shows of Siri playing slowly, but today's failure is particularly amazing because it is a Thanksgiving in the USA; there. It may not be a good day today to ask Siri about Donald Trump to go to the family food table.

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