Sisaket has spent hundreds of millions. The 47th National Sports Games "Sisaket Games"


Sisaket will prepare a 100 billion baht budget to host the 47th National Games "Sisaket Games" for visitors.

Movement46th National Games "Chiang Mai Games" in Chiang Rai Host

The most important thing of the day is at Teak Garden Spa Hotel, Chiang Rai. Mr Weasak Wichit Sangsri Governor Si Si President of the news conference and signing his & # 39; contract. The 47th National Games hosted by Sisaket Games and the 37th National Games Games "Lamduan Games" with the 47th National Games "Sisaket Games" will be held from 5 to 15 December. .2020, 40 sports types, the 37th national sport will take place on 23-27 January, 2064, 18 sports types

Si Sa Ket's Governor said that Sisaket is a fun hometown every day. We learned from Chiang Rai. That's really good that I believe that Sisaket will have a doing so well. Invite everyone who has visited. The budget for its competition. The department has prepared about 100 million animal mascot or mascot, the national gymnastics competition, the name Sisaket and the disabled people named Lamduan, a durian volcano. There are many attractive places in the province, such as Pha Da Mae Daeng, where the athletes are travel to the area during competition.

"Up to 90 per cent of the field is ready. There is still a time for almost two years, so to believe it's ready on both sides. The aim of the medals is to get a & # 39 Most of them. But not the thing. The point of this host is to affect visitors. "

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