Sisters Calderon Kohon sells almost a third of their share in Ripley


There are more than 58 million shares in over $ 33 billion

Ripley Corp. yesterday sold the Inversiones CK II company today, under the control of the Debora, Patricia and Esther Calderon Kohon sisters, almost one third of the benefits of the company. in the retail.

In particular, its company under the control of the Calochon Volochinsky family – indicated an indication that was sent to the Santiago Stock Exchange – The company had previously over 58 million shares of Ripley, equivalent to 3% ownership of its company This work included a sum of over $ 33 billion.

In this way, Calderon Kohon's sisters received 10% of the company's company to 7%.

This April finally should be remembered that they had also reduced their interest in Ripley, when they broke their titles. including 1.19% of the company.

Bci is now completing its & # 39; rest of its capital increase

The Bci bank, under the control of the Yarur Rey family, today has today that the auction at Exchange Stock Santiago (BCS) is today in a single packet of 264,327 shares, at a lower price of $ 42,000 per title .

These sections respond to & # 39; rest of the capital expansion process made by the banking entity, and finishing their preferred option on November 29, and equals to 2.7% of the new journeys issued.

The agents will implement LarrainVial Corredores de Bolsa, Credicorp Capital Corredores de Bolsa and Bci Corredor de Bolsa, which will rupadh each 88,109 department.

There are 9,393,603 total shares of $ 389,834,524,500 for the full subscribed and paid shares during the election period.

"The capital increase of Bci aims to build an investment base that supports the growth that is being considered for business in the coming years," he said. company in a statement.

Santander users sell for $ 5,000 million

Obviously sent to the Commission for its & # 39; financial market, Santander Consumer Chile S.A. tells yesterday that he did the fourth set of commercial effects under line 14, scheduled on 4 September.

Effectively, the position of $ 5,000 million commercial papers met, which will not rise up and a 0.30% discount rate will be met.

As defined by a Spanish capital group sub-group, the benefits of the activity will be used solely as work capital, that is, for the purpose of issuing equipment credits. At the same time, a business-related company is: Santander Corredores de Bolsa.

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