Sitting: Electric and PHEV models and a newly developed platform based on MEB


By the beginning of 2021, Seat will provide six photocopy modules and a plug-in to the streets, as announced last Wednesday at a news conference on their own plan for the future. Consideration was also given to forthcoming models.

The first two electric vehicles from the VW Spain sub-group, the Suat Mii, and Seat el-Born, are hereby duly assembled. It is also expected that future generations will come from Leon Leat and the new Tarraco Suat seat comes on the market as over-hybrid plug-in.

Seat will also take CUPRA Leon and CUPRA Formentor in hybrid versions of the road. So the tradesman of Spanish cars clearly shows that all the signs are standing on a movement. According to VW strategy. The CUPRA Substitute will be taken off the line at Martorell's center, as Luca de Meo will appear at the company's annual conference.

Seat will develop a small platform for MEBs for under 20,000 euros

As well as the six-hybrid electric hybrid and plug-in, de Meo has also seen the latest news. For example, Seat is for the first time developing a vehicle platform with the Volkswagen brantair. Just recently, Seat Boss said: Thank you to VW "one of the best technology platforms in the world" for electric cars. This will lead to a smaller, smaller version of the modular MEB mobile device.

“SEAT is now a clear part of the Volkswagen Group. As a result of the very good business numbers, we have assumed the responsibility for the electric vehicle platform. For the first time the SEAT Technical Center will develop a vehicle group that can be used by multiple supermarkets around the world. "- Luca de Meo, CEO SEAT

On this platform, every kind of Volkswagen Group should be able to make a car of about four meters in length. This will allow affordable motor car development companies selling at a lower price of less than € 20,000. As such, it would be possible to complete the new VW e-Up edition for under 20,000 euros. In Spain alone, there are over 300 highly-qualified engineers involved in this project.

Dr. Herbert Diess, Volkswagen AG Chief Executive, also attended the exhibition and emphasized the important role of SEAT within the Volkswagen Group: t "SEAT will take up a new role with the Volkswagen Group and recognizes there are more responsibilities too." This also added "The small electric platform is a big step towards cheaper sponges. The SEAT is the first electric vehicle designed specifically for urban traffic."

The electrical attack is spreading across new modules and there is also a micro-movement strategy which will progress the company's guidance for the Volkswagen Group. The recently introduced Minum concept car is central to this strategy and, in addition to the eXS e-scooter from SEAT, there is another example of micro-scale motion solutions.

Source: Seat – Press release dated March 27, 2019

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