SIU to go after Hlaudi Motsoeneng for R21m on behalf of SABC


The Special Research Unit (SIU) has started to work to get near R33m due to its & # 39; South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the government.

R21.7m of this amount may have been recovered from Hlaudi Motsoeneng who was a leading operational officer at CBSA (COO).

A tax of that amount includes a continuous illegal tax and another R10.2m for the rehabilitation and divorce.

The unit warned that it also paid a fee of R2.4m for musical legends.

Case in court

A civil enterprise process is ongoing and it is expected that additional bids can be added.

"The unit ends up on submissions, because surveys are going on, and that there is a case in court and that" give rules and processes, "said IR spokesman Nareen Pandor.

She said the SIU had come to court to give advanced dates for a quicker resolution of the case.

The news came to the SIU as the board of the SABC appeared before the Parliament's committee of communication on Tuesday to give it up to the case; went away.

The SABC has announced several times that it will retire almost 1 000 permanent staff, and at least 1 200 volunteers.

The broadcaster's salary bill is up to almost 50% of the total income, and is now involved in a "strong reorganization strategy", with plans of # 39; unlocked at its center.

The unions have a threat to stop it and a big strike if there is any job loss.

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