Six Eximbank raiders in the case exceeded 264 billion savings savings "hitting"


On November 22, the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City was the unsuitable case that damages the State's assets, organizations, organizations and enterprises, Happening in the City of Eximbank City of Mexico's Commercial Stock Exchange stock exchange for first-hand test.

Six Eximbank staff attended their service; hit more than 264 billion dong in evaporative savings accounts - Picture 1.

Dancers (Photograph: Pham Dung)

Judge Ho Ngoc Thuy (SN 1986), a member of the Consumer Service Department, Ho Chi Minh City Eximbank, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram (formerly 1984) Nguyen Thi Thi (SN 1978), Cao Lan Phuong (1980), Luong Quoc Anh (former Deputy Chief of the Department of Social Security) (SN 1986, budgetary purpose). The People's Solicitor will be on the Town and Country; Confirming 6 accused "inaccurate to detrimentally affect the ownership of the State, the organization, the organization or the enterprise".

In court, Representatives from People Procuraterate their right to his & # 39; from January 2012 to March 2017, Le Nguyen Hung (SN 1971, working at Eximbank Ho Chi Minh City) to establish the illegal account of Nguyen Thi Hong Le; Ms. agreed Th Thi Binh, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Le and Ms. Nguyen Dang Phong to withdraw money from the savings account that was deposited at the Eximbank HCMC branch.

When reviewing, deleting registration, the defenders above and # 39; Follow order and bank rules strictly. Benefits to # 39; Eel, Hung brings more than 264 billion from 13 savings accounts of 3 buyers. Hung is divided into a number of trailers, but the way in which the outflow games are similar. Not only that, Hung also agreed to pay consumers an interest.

Investigation concluded that Le Nguyen Hung promised the crime in "possession disqualification". As Hung had escaped from the area, the research body had to establish the research for a short time and make the hunting decision.

On the one day afternoon, the exam was questioned.

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