Six months later, the SME industry declined dramatically in October



According to the Monthly Survey of Industry, the department's weakest main points lack of market sex, low level of the pay chain and many levels of interest.

According to CAME, performance SMEs 1.9 per cent decline in 2018 compared to the same period of 2017. The data came from an analysis of 300 companies from different branches and from across the country.

"The representation movement does not appear to be back and continued at least mid-next year" (CIIECCA)

The study identified that it was the things with the lowest work in October "Printing and leather products", The "Rubber and plastic materials", The "Wood and furniture products" and "Paper, chart, organization and printing".

Those who had some "Food Business" (0.1%) and "Non-metallic Minerals" growth, and chemical articles did not change.

But, to use State capacity rose again slightly in October to 58.7 per cent, although it is still too low for the region.

"The production trend does not appear to be back and continued at least mid the next year," said Pablo Bozzanno, executive director of the Information, Electronics and Communications Industries Center of Argentina (CIIECCA ).

The manager also warned that "the capacity that is imposed is less than 60 per cent" and says that "Companies do not leave farewell now, but they are not restoring the lost costs".

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